For Sale : Hard working Mother, one careful owner – £31,627

Value of Mam 1

Imagine if you had to sell your Mam. Can you put a price on the hard work and love she has devoted to you throughout your life time?

Apparently you can and it is £31,267.

I personally couldn’t put a physical price on my Mam, and I certainly think she is worth a hell of a lot more to me than £31, 627 – she’s bloody awesome! Not only is she my best friend, she likes off roading, she tows her own caravan across the country alone, she shoots and she even built her own bloody house!

Through research carried out in 2013, Legal & General found that from child care and household tasks alone, Dads are valued at £23,971 while Mam’s rocket up to £31,627.

Long time readers will know that it is now rapidly approaching the 3rd anniversary of my Dads unexpected passing. In those last 3 years my Mam has changed roles and our relationship has developed and strengthened greatly.

Now fulfilling both parental roles, she is most definitely my best friend and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Supportive, honest and brave, I couldn’t ask for more.

We recently took our first Mother Daughter holiday, our first in over 16yr but we had the best time ever. It was more like being on a break with friends. Being an only child, our solid little unit is very important to me  and the peace of mind I get know that she is prepared and covered for her life protection.

As only 54% of people who took part in the 2013 research had life insurance, Legal and General can provide cover from only £6 a month.

With special cover for illness, your Mam can rest assured that the family will be provided for in the worst case scenario. From child care costs, medical expenses or ensuring the family home stays the family home, £6 a month gives you both financial security but peace of mind.

As it is Fathers Day tomorrow, don’t forget to give your Mam a huge hug too!


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