For Sale : Hard working Mother, one careful owner – £31,627

Value of Mam 1

Imagine if you had to sell your Mam. Can you put a price on the hard work and love she has devoted to you throughout your life time?

Apparently you can and it is £31,267.

I personally couldn’t put a physical price on my Mam, and I certainly think she is worth a hell of a lot more to me than £31, 627 – she’s bloody awesome! Not only is she my best friend, she likes off roading, she tows her own caravan across the country alone, she shoots and she even built her own bloody house!

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It will be all WHITE on the night with Scott Cornwall

It will be all WHITE on the night with Scott Cornwall

Hello Lovelies,

As you all know, I’m a bit of a sucker for my hair to be icy white and as cool as my cold stone heart (lol) but if you have ever been on this quest, you’ll know how hard it is to banish those pesky warm tones.

Thankfully I’m a natural blonde so I don’t have too much to contend with but unless I go to a salon….. reaching the perfect cool tones at home is bloody tiresome.


This is where Scott Cornwalls Colour Restore comes in. It has truly transformed my hair routine and I will not be parted from my trusty tube! Priced at £11.99, you can buy it from exclusively from Boots, or directly from the Scott Cornwall Website HERE which accepts a myriad of different payment types including Paypal which gets a humungous thumbs up from me!

Depending on your desired results, the handy, simple instructions give you 3 different ways to tone your hair. A rinse through for subtle toning, a medium length tone for mid level changes and an intensive tone for the full effect.

Ice Platinum promises to do the following wonderful things :

Banishes Yellow and Brassy tones in bleached or highlighted hair.
  • Creates cool to pure white tones
  • Replenishes cool tones in highlighted hair
  • Restores and replenishes hair without the need for a peroxide or ammonia based colourant
  • Can be used frequently and safely to keep that desired cool or pure white tone without damaging the hair.
Does it do that? YES!!
I like to apply the Restore to the top half of my hair and slather the ends with my favourite deep conditioner. I leave the products on between 5-10 minutes depending on how much time I have.
I’m left with gorgeously smooth, cool toned hair with no purple in sight. Yes, purple peril is a danger for all us white hair wonders. As a point of warning, if you have not used a toning product before, be prepared for purpley grey foam and a delightful grey scum ring in the bath from the bath water. It doesn’t stain and is 110% removable, it just doesn’t look very nice!
Since last summer I have been leaving a lot more of my natural blonde to intermingle because I have been disappointed with most comparable products but not any more. 2013 is going to see the return of my white blonde hair and thanks to Scott Cornwall, I will be able to get salon results at home!!!
Money saving!
Colour Restore is also available in ash blonde & red too but as you can imagine, I haven’t actually tried those!