Ted Baker Miami Candle

Ted Baker Miami Candle

Ted Baker has really been hitting home runs on the accessories front lately for me. I am in love with my neon coral tablet case I use as a travel organiser, I don’t leave home without my beautiful rose gold pen in it’s own little case and I am STILL coveting those 4 wheel spinner cases. Let’s not even mention those beautiful rose gold metallic trainers. Oh my.

Another little gem from Ted Baker has landed on my desk today and it is from the Residence home scent collection. The Miami candle (£28) is a Star Apple and Passion Fruit blend housed in a ceramic pot with the cutest little flamingo on and a pink TB seal.

Ted Baker Miami Candle 1

Miami is a mecca for white washed art deco buildings and I think the packaging suits this perfectly, conjuring up images of sitting on a beach soaking up the sun. After Ted has travelled the world, he has filled the Residence collection with scents that evoke memories of his destinations.

In note of the Miami candle – The beautiful plumage of Florida’s flamingos influenced Ted’s exotic Miami fragrance, where juice notes of Star Apple and Passion Fruit evoke memories of burning sunsets and a sky painted crimson an pink.

Not only am I obsessed with flamingos, I love the scent. It is light and fruity without being sickly or childish, a very clean smelling perfect burn coming out of these grim Winter months and in to the first glimpse of Spring.

Next on my to-try list is Sydney and it’s aromas of Ocean Air and Sea Salt – bliss.


The candles (£28) and reed diffusers (£35) are available from John Lewis and House of Fraser.

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