Do Valetines Day differently with Retro Sweet

When it comes to Valentines Day or any other occasion that requires chocolates to be bought, I always feel a bit left out as I don’t particularly like it.

I do however like retro sweets from my childhood and I love it when I find new places to stock up or I am given a 20p mix up! I am easily pleased!

I Love You Sweet Words

Retro Sweet is an online mecca for all things nostalgic and this year, they are selling personalised sweetie jars and sweet treats so you can give your loved ones some sugar (Ha!) on the big day. If you can’t quite make it out of the friend zone, there’s even a ginormous tub of Jelly friendship rings (£8) too!


Retro Sweet Friendship Ring Jar

With prices starting as low as 99p, you can find some great value mini hampers for £20-30 as well as my personal favourite pick from the selection – the worlds biggest hamper (£270)

Weighing in at a whopping 25kg, it is so full of sweets that it needs to be delivered on a wooden pallett! Inside you’ll find all the sweets from your childhood and possibly even some you have forgot about!


Worlds Biggest Sweet Hamper

Whether you have a special someone to buy for this year or if you just want to treat youself to your own body weight in flying sauces then Retro Sweet is the place to head!

If you’d like to make an order, use the code LOVE to receive 10% off!



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