GOSH Primer + Hydration

GOSH Primer Plus Hydration


Joining the ranks of GOSH’s existing primers, the new Primer + Hydration* is a welcome addition.

Applying like a velvety soft moisturiser, the primer soaks in quickly and gets to work minimising the appearance of fine lines and pores. When worn with a matte or drying formula foundation, the product glides on effortlessly without clinging to dry patches. The wear feels that little bit more comfortable over the winter months when the skin can feel tight and loaded up with base product.

Combining the primer with a dewy or oil based foundation kept the foundation feeling solid and present on the skin after a 10hr day. I did feel I needed to powder more after applying the base with this combination but again it felt very comfortable on the skin.

I can imagine this primer being a year long favourite for ladies with dry skin or that prefer matte, high coverage bases. In the summer months when skin is parched from sun worship, it will provide some welcomed moisture before the base without disrupting the wear.

The primer contains Snow Algae which provides anti ageing properties to the primer does not provide any long lasting moisturising benefits so you will still need to use your regular moisturiser.

The Primer + Hydration primer retails for £13.99 but is currently on offer at Superdrug for £8.99

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