AspirePlus Lounge, Newcastle Airport

AspirePlus Lounge Newcastle Airport

If you want your holiday luxury to start the minute you arrive at the airport, AspirePlus Lounge is where you need to be.

If your ticket doesn’t come with inclusive lounge access, travellers are able to add the lounge experience to their trip with prices starting at £18.99 for the lounge and £34.99 for the opulent AspirePlus.

At Newcastle, where seating space is a rare commodity, the Aspire Lounges offer a comfy seat and complimentary food and alcohol.

Children are allowed in the lounge but if you want that extra level of zen luxury, the AspirePlus is adult only and boasts private media pods, a Spey whisky bar and airside views.

Aspire Lounge Newcastle Airport

We arrived at the AspirePlus lounge at around 4.45am one dark and dreary Tuesday morning back in December and were eventually shown to the lounge. As we were the first in we had a little wander and nose around while we waited for staff.

AspirePlus Lounge Newcastle Airport 1

Taking up residence in some comfortable seats with a view over the air side gates, we were spoiled for choice with fresh bacon sandwiches, pastries, cereal and continental items. Alongside the food is a full bar offering everything from beers and spirts to the tasty Spey whisky which is a highlight of the lounge.

We loaded ourselves up with a bacon butty and copious amounts of fresh coffee before having a soft drink and a bread and olives platter – delicious! The Plus side of the lounge is private and tranquil although I do think the privacy of the lounge is spoiled by passengers walking passed the glass wall separating the lounge and the views.. A 1 way mirror effect should have been applied as its a bit awkward to relax when people are giving you daggers!

AspirePlus Lounge Newcastle Airport 4

Each seating area had plugs and charging points, which when combined with the free wifi and option of private work rooms you are set for your stay if you are a business or leisure traveller. For the weary amongst us, the ‘snooze pods’ are available as a single or double offer super comfy lounging chairs with a private tv screen to really help you relax.

AspirePlus Lounge Newcastle Airport 3

I have been a big fan of lounges since I first experienced a fabulous BA lounge and where I need to, I book one on to my trip. For such a small price it is so much more reassuring that you won’t be scrambling round to find drinks and food then grabbing a seat somewhere.

You can find your nearest Aspire Lounge over at THIS website


  1. Avril Collins Martinez
    7th January 2015 / 10:04 am

    I was there on the 8th of December at 06:30, the staff were lovely but they had to defrost the cream cheese/bagels…….I was still waiting at 08:30!! Gave up in the end! The staff are great and were very attentive, I had a patè platter and it was very good. I totally agree, I felt like a goldfish, everyone was staring on their way to their gates and this made me so uncomfortable that I finally moved, yes one way glass would solve the problem. Have to say I did enjoy my time there.

    • Katie
      7th January 2015 / 9:37 pm

      Hi Avril, glad you enjoyed your visit too. It is a great wait to start your holiday isn’t it!

  2. lisa
    14th August 2015 / 8:14 pm

    i would like to book the aspireplus for 2 adults please? cheers

    • Katie
      16th August 2015 / 3:18 pm

      You need to use the Aspire website, this isn’t it.

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