Newcastle Airport Duty Free Sale 2015

As this post was one of my most popular last year, I am pleased to tell you that the 2015 Newcastle Airport Duty Free sale starts TOMORROW!

World Duty Free Airport Sale

These are all the details I have. If you have ANY other questions, you will need to contact Newcastle Airport DIRECTLY.

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AspirePlus Lounge, Newcastle Airport

AspirePlus Lounge Newcastle Airport

If you want your holiday luxury to start the minute you arrive at the airport, AspirePlus Lounge is where you need to be.

If your ticket doesn’t come with inclusive lounge access, travellers are able to add the lounge experience to their trip with prices starting at £18.99 for the lounge and £34.99 for the opulent AspirePlus.

At Newcastle, where seating space is a rare commodity, the Aspire Lounges offer a comfy seat and complimentary food and alcohol.

Children are allowed in the lounge but if you want that extra level of zen luxury, the AspirePlus is adult only and boasts private media pods, a Spey whisky bar and airside views.

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