Vaseline Spray + Go

Vaseline Spray + Go

Hello Lovelies,

If there is one thing I struggle with in any beauty and body regime is trying to remember to use body lotion. I keep buying new ones in an effort to coax me in to use them but I have a graveyard of once used body butters, lotions, potions and oils.

Last year I discovered the Vaseline spray and go but once again, it fell by the wayside and was shipped off to a new home at my Mam’s. I wasn’t overly fond of the shea scent in the cocoa radiant brown can.

Recently, with rapidly increasing dry skin and ever decreasing time to exfoliate and moisturise, I was on the hunt again and I went back to the Vaseline spray and go, this time the Essential Moisture can. Big improvement for me over the cocoa variety as this isn’t as cloying.

For the very little time it takes, I am making the effort to use the spray morning and night to keep my limbs in tip top condition. Not as deeply hydrating as a butter, but for a daily burst it is perfect and I am glad I gave it another go.

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