Food Friday : Eggs-tra special eggs

Food Friday : Eggs-tra special eggs

This weeks Food Friday is a little different to usual. I thought I’d share some of my new favourite egg based foodie goodness. Prepare for the puns…

I have had a very long running love hate relationship with eggs. For a long time I couldn’t eat anything that tasted like egg or resembled an egg. Just turned my stomach out right, I can’t pin point it but I just haven’t enjoyed anything about eggs.

No boiled eggs, no poached eggs,no fried eggs, no quiche, no omlettes – the works. I’d tolerate scrambled eggs at a push. It’s something I struggle with every time we go to America as it’s eggs everything. I bloody love eggy bread though!

2014 has been a bit of a journey for me as I am trying to wean myself back on to eggs. I try to always buy British Lion eggs as they contribute to nearly 90% of the UK’s egg sales. Being a country girl I was always being told fresh farm eggs are the best but I must admit, I fully prefer the regulated safety of British Lion.

An average egg is the most nutritional food you can buy and comes in at under 70 calories. Packed with vitamins, healthy fat and protein, you can’t go wrong with an egg.

I am currently obsessed with poached eggs. Not a big deal for some… huge for me.


 I can’t get enough of Eggs Benedict or a simple poached egg with freshly griddled asparagus. Even better, avocado on toast with a poached egg on top. 

The Eggs-tra helpful people at British Lion have an eggs-tremely large vault of egg based recipes so head on over and check them out HERE. You can find recipes from chefs such as Gizzi Erskine, Tom Aiken, Jun Tanaka and Paul Merrett to name but a few!

You can read my recipe HERE where I made crustless breakfast quiches



My next egg based obstacle is baked eggs.

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* Post created in conjuction with British Lion Eggs

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