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Europe Travel Tips

I have some travel plans to share with you today! These are the top 5 places in Europe that I am dying to see.

5 extra bonus points if you knew that the title of this post contains the name of a Dr Seuss book!

Europe Travel Tips

1. Any and all fashion aficionados should make a pilgrimage to Berlin, the street style is just that good.  The city’s youthful vibe means that people watching turns into an extreme game of “Where did she get that?”  I love modern history so I can’t wait to go and especially to see the murals on the remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall.  That’s where the famous painting of Nixon and Gorbachev in full embrace is from! 

Europe Travel Tips

2.  Barcelona seems like the perfect place to stay up all night and Miniguide have a handy list of things to do.  I think that the Spanish have got the right idea with their mid-day siesta, closing everything in the middle of the afternoon is maybe not the best business plan but with the late night tapas and dancing I think that it might just be necessary.  I love to wander around the food markets and see them cooking those giant pots of paella and I would kill to see all the Gaudi art work in its glory.  Sitting in the sunshine and eating the catch of the day, sounds like perfection in Europe.

Europe Travel Tips

3. The Turkish occupied Budapest for a long enough time that it houses some of Europe’s best and oldest Turkish Baths and they are probably worth the visit in and of themselves. I have had the Gellért baths on my to-do list for years now!  The spa facilities seem a little pricey but how often do you find yourself in a centuries old thermal spa? Budapest and Hungary in general are gradually becoming more and more accessible to English speakers and travellers from Western Europe.  Try GoEuro to find cheap flights in and around the region.  They also list buses, trains and rental cars and will find you the cheapest and fastest routes. 

Europe Travel Tips

4.  The city of lights is just across the Channel but somehow it’s a totally different world.  Going to Paris for the day is definitely one of those things that makes me wish I lived in London as it has much better links than up north, the flights + accommodation are always just insanely expensive.  It might be just as much fun to give my fanciest and frilliest outfits a try on the streets of Paris and try my hand at street fashion photography. The bridge with all of the love locks has actually been used so many times now that pieces of it are starting to collapse  but the idea is too sweet to resist – a few romantic souls here in Newcastle have even got in on the act with locks on the High Level Bridge. Theres a bit of a back story as to why Mr Tramp and I have still yet to go to Paris but there are a million and one things to do in Paris, so I’m hoping to try  Triptomatic  and make my own intenerary. 

Europe Travel Tips

5.   Venice might just be the most romantic city I can imagine, even though I am petrified of boats I did enjoy my last visit to Venice.  There is something so enchanting about those gondolas, and while I know some of the canals stink, I still can’t help but want to explore the historic city on stilts with Mr Tramp as he has never been before. Did you know that since there aren’t any cars on the island of Venice all of the traffic is pedestrian? There is even a rush hour when people in business suits speed walk their way to work.  An entirely different world and one I would just love to explore with Mr Tramp.  Hotels in the city can be costly but as there are great transport links, staying in the Lido area and travelling in daily makes it an affordable option.

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  1. 27th July 2014 / 7:36 pm

    Great post! I absolutely love Paris. I just got back from Barcelona so have blogged about it if you fancy a read. It’s such a beautiful city and I love that they have beaches too. There’s loads to see and do and I loved shopping there as well. Berlin is on my list of places I would like to visit next 🙂 xx

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