Food Friday : Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), Metrocentre, Gateshead

Food Friday : Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), Metrocentre, Gateshead

It may seem as though I have been overdosing on burgers of late but it is just a coincidence, I promise!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is a national chain serving fresh, tasty burgers of the beef, lamb, chicken and veggie variety so there is something for everyone on the menu. Situated upstairs in the Qube food quarter within the Metro Centre, GBK sits between Nandos and Frankie + Benny’s.

On a recent trip to the Metro Centre, Mother Tramp and I found ourselves looking for something for tea and struggled to pick which of the great food offerings to go for. We ended up in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen as it was the quietest at 8.30pm

We’d just been to book our holiday and I’d been forced to endure the Mrs Browns Boys movie so we definitely deserved something tasty.
We were greeted and seated effortlessly and made ourselves comfortable in a huge booth. Inside is all distressed wood, booths and sharing tables with exposed metal and those highly stylised rough edges that everywhere has right now.

The menu is pretty self explanatory our waitress ran through how to order (at the counter) and pointed out the special deals and her favourite burger which is a nice touch. We were also told the burgers came rare as standard – this is a big bonus for me when the staff make the point of telling you!
Mother Tramp and I both chose from a set menu which was around £12 and included a soft drink, burger and side. We both opted for a good old Classic Cheese burger and chunky fries each. She added a slice of crispy bacon (£1.65) and I chose avocado (£1.65). We shared a satay sauce dip (£1.25). If you have been to the cinema, there is also a post cinema meal deal…. Perfect for date night.

Classic Cheese + Bacon

2 small chunky fries + satay sauce

Classic cheese + avocado

At the counter, we were given glasses to help ourselves to the complementary monkey nuts and had a carafe of lemon and mint water brought to the table, which was also complementary. We both appreciated these because looking at the prices, they hadn’t been hiked to compensate.

As the burgers arrived we armed ourselves with the hot sauces (Mother Tramp was brave!) and the seasoned salt for the chips. The kiwi hot sauce was very unusual. Delicious yet fruity and sweet. We hadn’t seen this as a hot sauce ingredient before!

The burgers were cooked to perfection with a tasty char on the outside of the meat patty. With the fries on the side we were stuffed and felt that the meal was very good value for the size and quantity vs price point.
 The way the burgers and sides are presented, we wondered if we would be full up as the burger alone on a plate looks quite measly but it is deceiving, we left stuffed to the gills and boy do we have healthy appetites!
If you are in the metro centre I fully recommend the GBK and one of it’s great set menus. I can’t wait to take Mr Tramp… he’s a burger fiend!

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