Bon Marche Quilted Jacket

Bon Marche Quilted Jacket

Hello Lovelies,   Recently, the lovely folks over at Bon Marche got in touch and asked me if I’d like to pick something from their current stock to review. I chose the red jersey quilted coat for £25. The coat is available in classic black too.



When the coat arrived, it reminded loosely on the quilted Barbour jackets but due to the cut and style, let alone the fabric it was very different. It is almost heritage which seems to be a great trend for 2013.

Before I had chance to wear it, my Mam claimed the coat for herself and it was never to be seen again! She did however let me snap her doing a “catalogue model” pose as well as sharing her views on the coat…

Look out all you other 60+ models, she’s busting on to the scene!


The coat, being of jersey fabric is the perfect jacket for this time of year – Cool enough to require more than a jumper but not cold enough for your big thick winter coat. The cut is very flattering and is a generous size meaning a jumper can be worn underneath but it also keeps you toasty warm if you’re wearing a thinner layer. The fabric also means you can bundle it up and pop it in a holdall for travelling or keeping in the boot of the car for emergencies.

Bon Marche quite often have gems like this in and I find if you keep an open mind and have a keen eye, you can pick up some super well made, quality key season pieces for next to nothing. The best bit is they stock plus sizes. They are great for office basics like vests, plain trousers and t-shirts.

The coat is one of those great style staples than you can pair with a lot of current trends and it fits perfectly. For the price, you cannot go wrong with this jacket from Bon Marche.

The coat is online now and you can buy it from the Bon Marche website HERE in red or HERE in black.
Have you ever had a great find from Bon Marche or stores you would never think to look in?
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* The item was gifted to me but does not alter opinion or perception

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