Hit & Miss at Simply Be

Hit & Miss at Simply Be

Hello Lovelies,  As I had a little bit of an autumn shopping blow out this pay day, I thought I would treat myself to the beautiful bottle green studded tartan shirt from Simply Be (£30).  

Just look at it. It’s screaming my name! That is where the love has ended. 

  Within 10 minutes of putting it on, every single button came undone at one point or another. The tiny gold plastic buttons just seem to keep popping out of the button holes despite them not being under strain. Of course, I was already out of the house and on my way when this started to happen and i’ve spent the full day at work buttoning, using safety pins to cover my modesty and draping a scarf to cover the inevitable gaps.  So, it is going to break my heart but I will be returning this shirt for a refund as I can’t spend my full day rebuttoning my shirt. 


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* I have not been paid for this post. I bought this shirt with my own money on an order placed 30/09/2013

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