My Skin Saviours for the changing season

My Skin Saviours for the changing season

Hello Lovelies, 

If there is one thing I have noticed since August is my skin has been extremely lack lustre. Given recent events, it’s no surprise really is it?

The extreme mixture of super hot holiday, rubbing at my face with tissues, removing my make up away from home with a wipe or just soap and water (my mother doesn’t have the best stocked beauty bathroom!), puffy skin from crying, the fluctuating temperatures, being run down and the onslaught of harsh heating blasts.

All in all my skin is sending out a ginormous SOS!

In the last week or two I have taken control now i’m feeling better and readdressed my skin care. Needless to say, I have a few absolute GEMS that have seen me through and I thought i’d share them with you….

Make up remover – Elemis Melting Gel Cleanser

I have reviewed this before HERE and it’s the one product I use daily and re-purchase again and again. I’d say it is my holy grail make up remover. Yes it is high end but we are allowed treats aren’t we.

Cleanser – Boots Cold Cream

Again, this is a winter favourite that I have reviewed HERE. I oddly find it too heavy in warmer months to use to cleanse but in Autumn & Winter I love the thick luxurious application and the toasty warm hot flannel  to remove the product. I find this method of cleansing is super gentle on my hypersensitive skin, nourishes the dry flaky dry patches I have been suffering and doesn’t aggrevate any breakouts

Moisturiser – Avene’s Rich Compensating Cream

Great, nourishing, thick moisturiser that is great for sensitive skin and tackles those pesky dry, scaly patches with ease. I find it a little too heavy to wear all day under make up, but I like to remove my make up as soon as I get home from work and apply this so it is nice and settled, soaking in to the skin for a maximum time before my morning wash.

Skin Mist – Avene’s Eau Thermale

You’ve guessed it, reviewed HERE. I have been using this product religiously for a long time now. I travel with it and have a can in my bag and on my desk. I wax lyrical about it. Gentle for sensitive skins, it’s a great post cleanse product to mist and refresh, and if you are hot it cools you down super quick. I have been using it to cool my angry red skin from crying and rubbing at my face, but it’s also great when you have a cold and your nose feels like its on fire.

Make up – GOSH BB Cream

No, no review YET…. but I have been absolutely loving this BB Cream. I had fell out of love with the wave of drug store BB creams as they just didn’t match my requirements but the offering from GOSH is amazing. This product is light enough to feel weightless on the skin but gives a really great, natural looking coverage. I admittedly haven’t felt like wearing make up every day but this just effortlessly evens the skin tone and covers redness and dark circles. My only gripe is this comes in what feels like a TINY tube but it has lasted me absolutely ages!

So there you go, an odd mix, but these few products have really got me through and I thought I’d share


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