Review : Boots Cold Cream

Review : Boots Cold Cream
Baby it’s Cold (Cream) in here…..
Sorry for the picture, I had to borrow it from Google

This is probably quite late but I have been giving it a few weeks to settle in to my routine to see how I get on with it!

After doing a bit of blog-loving and googlizing (yes it’s a word, I say so!) for a new cleanser and moisturiser combo suitable for sensitive skin, I came across lots of reviews for Ponds Cold Cream used as a hot cloth cleanser.

Having super sensitive skin, when I get a flare up, I layer my face in Aqueous Cream or calamine so I was hoping it would have the same thick, cooling effect.

After a trip to Mecca (aka Boots) I settled upon their own brand Cold Cream as I thought it was less money to waste should it not be right for me. I dutifully trouped off to Asda living and bought a giant pack of baby muslins for £3 and cut them down to face size seeing as the Boots ones were so expensive.

I’d been reading up on what I needed to do so I gave it a whirl in the following order. By no means is this the definitive how-to but this is how I got my best results……..

1. Apply a layer of CC to your face avoiding your eyes. I use a thicker layer depending on how much make up im wearing or how dry my face is. It’s quite a prescriptive method so you can tailor it to suit your own skin

2. Leave the cream to sit on the face without rubbing in for long enough for the hot tap to get super hot. Soak the muslin cloth in the hot water and drape it over the face. Pat gently to make contact on cheeks and forehead. NOTE – please make sure the hot cloth isn’t too hot otherwise you’ll burn your pretty little face!

3. I usually sit on the side of the bath until the cloth no longer feels warm and then I used the cloth to wipe off all the CC residue still present on my face. While wiping, I do a light sweep over my eyes to remove make up and I haven’t had any stinging or redness from doing it and no trouble with contact lenses in.

4. I finish with a brisk splash of cold water which, despite probably not being true, feels like it tightens everything up on my face and makes me feel a bit cleaner… if that makes sense?!

The CC leaves a very fine film of moisture behind on the skin which you can feel gently sinking in to your skin for some time afterwards. If I’m feeling particularly dry and dehydrated I apply an extra moisturiser but most of the time find that the left over CC is more than enough to keep my skin feeling plump young and moisturised.

Why oh why didn’t someone tell me about this before! Damn you all!

I’ve been using the Boots Cold Cream since the beginning of the year and I have to say I havent had any face-wash related allergy flare ups or issues at all and as a result I’m not going to try to the Ponds cream. It’s practically twice the price and I find it hard to believe it’s twice as good as this bad boy!

To make it a fair review though, here’s the pros and cons!


1. The smell is overpoweringly flowery and has that “grandma” smell about it. It does subside very quickly but the strong smell in the jar might put others off

2. The jar is beautifully retro with a 1920s vibe (to me anyways) but it is a nightmare to scoop out the cream if you have to do more than 1 dip. It tips over very easily and with it having a flared fluted top, I suspect it will be hard to get the dregs out when its almost empty. My jar has rolled off my bathroom counter while trying to use it more times than I think I’ve dyed my hair (A LOT!)

3. Maybe Boots could stock good value muslins along side the cold cream on the display?

4. The product is not marketed and just lives on the bottom shelf in the beauty aisle. On quizzing my beauty obsessed friends none of them had heard of Boots own brand cold cream or even its uses.


1. The price! What more do I need to say about this? It’s a super duper bargain and Boots have got this spot on.

2. Despite the con above about the packaging… the jar is beautifully styled and very retro. It looks like a little treasure next to the sink and doesn’t look budget at all. I was expecting a utilitarian tub similar to Aqueous cream

3. The moisturising effect from the CC can be felt several hours later unlike most moisturisers I’ve tried

4. This truly is a gem for us sensitive skinned ladies. I don’t know what it is about it but it seems to tone down some of the red on my cheeks and forehead I usually experience after cleansing my face.

All in all, this is an amazing product and I just wish I’d known about it sooner! It has turned in to my Holy Grail product. I have purchased the No7 hot cleanser to try once my CC has run out… but the question is…do I want to mess with perfection?!

Well done Boots… WELL DONE!

Products Mentioned – links

Boots Cold Cream – £2.42
Boots Muslin Squares – 6 for £7.14
Asda Muslin Squares – 3 for £3 – I got about 12 squares from each cloth!!!



  1. carole
    31st May 2014 / 12:57 pm

    I have just started using this product i just rinse off as i have roesea and should avoid hot cloths ect. I must say it has a strange feel to it but face feels good.

  2. Carol-Ann
    11th May 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I am 70 years old and have used this product all my life as I am allergic to any and all other products I have tried so imagine my distress when I went to stock up with my usual half dozen pots only to find Boots have stopped producing it. I have no idea why and I feel if only they had promoted it they would have had a real following.
    Sorry to you new customers – you now have to start hunting all over again and I guarantee you won’t find a better product however hard you try. As for me – I’m expecting to find my first wrinkle any day now ! – Oh Boots what have you done!?!

    • Ann Mellows
      15th August 2017 / 9:16 pm

      Oh so true, Boots cold cream was the best, so light, unlike Ponds which is very thick and ‘clagy’. I have used Boots cold cream for years and was just the best for removing makeup. I really can’t understand why they have decided to stop producing it.

  3. Kelly
    18th August 2017 / 9:18 am

    Why have you stopped making this cream it’s the best cream I’ve ever used

    • Katie
      19th August 2017 / 3:23 pm

      Well I’ve not personally stopped making it?

  4. Moe Kelly
    22nd February 2018 / 9:57 am

    I’m 63 and, I’ve used it all my life too!

    Often get complimented on my youthful skin!

    Our daughter has used it too and, she’s 36!

    Please bring it back!!🙏🏼

  5. 20th February 2019 / 9:00 am

    Please bring it back. I have used it for 30 yrs at Dr recomend he said its the best for skin redness so i have no prob. Till now Ponds is no good to me its gluey please bring it back we all need this lovely cold cream you make.

    • Katie
      25th February 2019 / 6:30 am

      Maybe if you drop Boots themselves an email you could petition them

  6. sue brady
    26th June 2019 / 9:42 pm

    please bring boots cold cream back we all need it back there is nothing out there as good I have used it for years, so why was it stopped..sue

    • Katie
      27th June 2019 / 8:49 am

      If you contact Boots directly, they might be able to help.

      I am not affiliated with the company so I am unable to help.

  7. CateToward
    31st January 2021 / 8:15 pm

    Sorry, I’ve just found this post.
    I used Boots Cold Cream for more years than I want to think about, I 67 and I was appalled that they stopped making it I contacted them and got a very curt reply, they recommended I use the new skincare range instead, I did and its nothing like the old product. I wrote back offering to buy any stock they might have left, they never replied.
    If anyone knows of decent substitute I would be so grateful ❤

  8. Mel
    6th November 2022 / 3:03 pm

    This week I went into boots this week and asked them if they have it back in stock, as I thought it had made a comeback. The assistant could not have been more helpful, even though she had never heard of it, but alas, it had not made a return. If only they would bring it back and this time market it properly. The only product my skin loved, since childhood.

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