What Katie Did #9

What Katie Did #9

Hello Lovelies,

Another week in Tramp Towers.

Very quiet one and nothing much to report i’m afraid!

The diet is coming along amazingly well, I am getting used to my new smaller size and I must remember to buy clothes in a smaller size! I’ve spent more time this week taking things back to shops than I care to imagine!

I have treated myself to a very slinky dress from the Gok Wan collection from Sainsburys that took my eye whilst shopping. Not entirely sure if i’ll keep it though, it just doesn’t quite feel right, if you know what I mean?

It’s one of those dresses, in theory I can wear both to the office, meeting clients and then dressed up more formally with a pair of colour pop heels.

Saturday saw us heading to a petting zoo close to where my husband grew up. It’s in the middle of the countryside, and as i’m a country bumpkin through and through we had a wonderful day with the cutesy little animals and a nice long walk for some fresh air! The zoo is at Kirkley Hall for all you locals. 

Had a lovely day out with my parents today, just the 3 of us seeing as it was Mothers Day. Was a blast from the past really as I’ve been with my husband over 10yr now (I’m nearly 29) so it was like being a kid again! And I have learnt you can’t trust the built in sat nav in a Discovery! Boo!

I’ve treated myself to a few designer handbags this week too, don’t tell Mr Tramp, ok? Our little secret! It does however include the genuine version of that infamous little ebay copy with studs… i’ll leave you guessing! Shhhh

Short and sweet this week but in the next week there’s lots of exciting things coming up for me! The Simply Be store opening in Middlesbrough, the Living North fair with Daniella and of course, who could forget, date night with the husband to see The Hunger Games… you can guess which bit I am excited for the most!

I’ll catch you all next week my lovelies.



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