GHD Style & Protect set

GHD Style & Protect

I’m was one of those seemingly rare breed of women that didnt own GHDs and truth be known, I had no interest in owning a pair of actual GHD irons – until I bought my own. I have however been trying out the GHD Style & Protect Set.

In a boxed set, – The GHD Style & Protect gift set (£39), I have been trying the Final Shine finishing spray and the Straight & Smooth spray as well as a lovely huge paddle brush and 2 sectioning clips which never come in wrong do they? The box itself is nice and sturdy so it will be handy for storing things in once I have used the products up!  

GHD Style & Protect

The Final Shine (RRP £9.95) finishing / glossing spray is my favourite. As a blonde, due to the pigmentation in my hair, I will never get that sparkly shine a brunette would. This is due to the make up of the hair. No product can change this. What this glossing spray does do is enhance a multi faceted dimension to the hair, especially on my dry ends, making it look healthy and vibrant without adding glitter to give shimmer.

The product is neither greasy or heavy like some can be. It takes a lot to over do this and as a result you don’t have to worry about that dreadful dull greasy dirty feel you can sometimes get with other sprays. Top this soft delicate spray off with a lovely scent that isn’t over powering then you have a winner!   

GHD Style & Protect

The included brush gives me the odd flyaway and static attack just after washing so the Final Shine spray really calms them back down. The paddle brush, which retails for £20 on it’s own is a little over priced for it’s quality, but when included in this great value set, it is a great tool to keep in your arsenal for the perfect brush blow drying long hair and regular brushing of thick hair.     

These days, I only use my Babyliss big hair on my hair and as naughty as it is, I don’t use heat protection whilst using it as my hair is about 90% dry by the time I use the tool. I always use protection when curling or straightening so to give this spray, the Straight & Smooth Spray (RRP £12.95), a run for its money, I have been straightening and waving my hair a lot.

The GHD Style & Protect spray leaves hair slinky soft and thankfully it doesn’t have that horrible sticky / crispy feeling I have experienced with a lot of high street heat protection sprays. Because I don’t use heat spray as regularly as most other woman I haven’t noticed any improvements in the condition of my hair as a result of using the spray. This certainly isn’t a negative reflection of the product but more indicative of my lack of heat tool styling.

GHD Style & Protect

One thing I have noticed is the lack of sticky feeling while hot styling my hair which is a huge bonus. I hate that horrid sticky clag that some heat protectors have. I think that’s because they have a touch of hold to them, they feel like you’ve oversprayed with hairspray! Not pleasant!

With these 2 products, combined with the brush and sturdy sectioning clips, you have a great supplementary gift set to accompany not only a set of GHD irons but any straighteners or curling wand.

I would love to give this as a gift to someone who is just starting out with straighteners or couldn’t afford the GHD irons but still wanted a little piece of GHD magic in their life.I am won over on the GHD Style & Protect hair care range and I can’t wait to try more.

Are you a GHD girl? Have you tried the hair care range?


  1. 15th March 2012 / 9:29 am

    The brush looks like a great size, I do like a paddle brush especially when straightening my hair.

    Apart from my GHD’s I don’t own anything else by the brand but I’ll keep my eye out for some of these products.

  2. 15th March 2012 / 6:44 pm

    I have not tried this range but it sounds amazing! I really like the look of the brush as well.
    I absolutely love ghd strighteners and have owned them since they first came out in the salons 10 odd years ago, on my second pair now!!
    Stace x

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