Review : Natures Gate Cucumber & Mint Showergel

Review : Natures Gate Cucumber & Mint Showergel

Hello Lovelies,

The cucumber and mint shower gel is gorgeous. I absolutely love fresh, clean, zingy shower gels to help wake me up on a morning (I start work at 6.30 so any help I can get is much appreciated eh!)

The scent, like the shampoo, doesn’t feel overly synthetic or forced. It certainly is a clean fresh smell that isn’t over powering on the skin after showering so it definitely won’t interfere with layering the scents of your body lotion and perfume products.

Both Mr Tramp and I have been using this shower gel and we both love it. A small amount lathers up a long way when you using a shower mit or net so it will be a fair while before we use the bottle up. 2 or 3 showers a day for a couple of weeks and we haven’t really made a huge dent on the bottle! Speaking of the bottleā€¦ My only gripe is that it looks a little cheap. Now I appreciate it is not a high end luxe product, it is a natural daily necessity but I like my bathroom to look nice and this is just a bit ugly, the same as the shampoo. It does live on the side of my bath so I’m not saying I’m ashamed of it or anything (shallow, I know) but the bottles do look very much like a budget product from Poundland.

But, with that said, you should never judge a book by it’s cover should you? No.

The product itself is wonderful and I’m really pleased I have discovered a new SLS, paraben free shower gel. It’s non drying too which is a huge bonus, especially coming up to the summer months when more skin is on show, I don’t like my skin to be dull and dry which I find some shower gels and soaps can do. Not good when applying fake tan either!

The Nature’s Gate Cucumber & mint showergel gets 4 thiumbs up from Mr Tramp and I so I hope you all rush out to try it. It’s so refreshing, ready for summer!

You can buy the Nature’s Gate showergel HERE, on the Revital website.

Do you like fresh shower gels or a heavier floral scent?



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  1. 30th March 2012 / 7:33 am

    I love fresh and floral scented showel gel but I can’t get away with mint! Had this been cucumber it would have been perfect but not with the mint.

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