What Katie Did #11

What Katie Did #11

Hello my beautiful lovelies,

Have you all had a fantabulous week?

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions over in Tramp Towers but I’ve come out the other side unscathed and on a high note so that’s good right? Right!

So, without further ado, a picture then some waffle…. that’s how it goes!

Monday saw me killing time near a large Asda so I popped in feeling a bit sorry for myself and not only did I buy a salad (yawn!) I came away with some bargain summer pumps, a gorgeous summery maxi dress for slobbing round in.. I couldn’t resist this Barbara Hulanicki shirt. It’s a long line, dirt cheap AND she is the designer of my now infamous skull wallpaper! You can just about make out the side of the maxi dress too

It’s meant to be a shirt dress but I think its far too short. Asda £16 – Size 8 -22

After a bad week, but lots of hard work in the gym, I bet my gorgeous supporting #SWBB ladies that I’d show them my bare arse if I lost weight this week… I did… I smashed it and this was the outcome!

I recently picked up a handful of Revlon Lip Butters this week and as much as I am in love with them… they just don’t stand up to a kiss from a loved one. I feel all Courtney Love with my smeared lip line! Sexy, NOT! At least it’s a rarity that I post a face picture… it’s probably because i’m always staggering round looking like a Hole lead singer!

On Friday, my company has a dress down day, so no suits, just jeans and trainers (huzzah!) and I grabbed my gorgeous burgundy skinnies and favourite converse but alas they are now not so skinny and as the day went on they got more more uncomfortably sloppy, let alone more and more unflattering. I spose it’s a good thing… BUT…. it leads me on to my next picture too!

After moaning that I had trawled the net during the weekend and couldn’t find anything nice to buy I just happened to be passing a shop to look for a gift for my Mams birthday and I found myself laden with goodies to try on! It’s unusual for me to find that many things in 1 store I want to try on! Don’t tell my husband but I probably did buy almost everything I tried on. Shhh ok?

I wore this cute, cheap casual tshirt on Saturday for running some errands and it got SO SO many compliments. Not only is the colour super flattering for my skin tone, the kitsch pineapple print really matches my personal style yet the pastel shade, print and peter pan collar make it so on trend right now. This was yet another unusually out of character supermarket find for me, this time in Asda. I think it was around £9 but however much it was, it was such a bargain. Very flattering cut for me too so expect to see this a lot more!

And finally, to surprise my lovely Mr Tramp, I took him on a brewery tour of our very fabulous, local Durham Brewery. Home to some of the finest microbrewed ales in the North. Now I don’t drink but I found the tour immensely interesting and learnt a lot…. whilst Mr Tramp got to drink a few pints! I would wholeheartedly recommend if you are either in the area or in to real ales that you check the place out.

Right, I hope you have an awesome week in the run up to Easter and I shall catch up with you next weekend  or as the awesome Keith Lemon would say….

If I don’t see you through the week, I’ll see you through the window



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  1. 2nd April 2012 / 10:09 am

    i love the top, so pretty!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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