Review : Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea colour protecting shampoo

Review : Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea colour protecting shampoo

Hello Lovelies,

Lately I have been trying out 2 products from Natures Gate, a company that was founded over 30yrs ago focusing on natural, sustainable, botanical ingredients.

The Asian Pear & Red Tea shampoo is SLS free, paraben free AND foams up a treat. Foam is one thing I do mostly miss about the majority of SLS free shampoos so when I find one that does still muster up a lovely dose of lather, I get quite excited!

The smell of this product is quite natural, it doesn’t smell synthesised but it is a familiar scent… not one I can put my finger on but a familiar one nonetheless. Possibly a little bit like Matey bubble bath!

Our unique blend of Wheat Proteins and patented Sunflower Seed Extract helps repair damage caused by daily UV exposure and protects color treated hair from fading while adding shine. Organic Hops and Red Tea Extracts, rich in vitamins and amino acids, help replenish nutrients, while Panthenol (Vitamin B5) smoothes split ends and moisturizes distressed locks. Hair is left vibrant, healthy looking and beautiful.

As I said, using a 10p size blob of this shampoo produces a lovely rich and scenty amount of lather that leaves a nice squeeky clean feeling to the hair. Sadly the scent doesn’t linger in the hair but I daresay if you team it with the conditioner it might last longer but after shampooing I always use quite a strongly scented conditioner and styling products which would mask the delicate scent of the shampoo.

I’d like to say I could verify the colour protecting properties of this shampoo but I sadly don’t have dyed hair that has any pigment in it to protect such as black, brown or red. My hair is super pale blonde. I have been using the shampoo for a while though and not noticed any dulling of the blonde which is usually caused by product build up so the nice squeeky clean feeling it gives is doing a good job of shifting product build up!

Using gentle products, as natural as I can get, on my scalp really is important to me as I suffer eczema on the scalp from time to time. I do use some non natural products but this has been through trial and error methods.

I have not experienced any flare ups using this Natures Gate shampoo so I would hand on heart recommend this shampoo to you if you have a delicate scalp and care about being SLS or Paraben free.

You can buy the Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea colour protecting shampoo from the Revital Website HERE.

Have you tried Natures Gate before? What are your favourite SLS free shampoos?




  1. 26th March 2012 / 8:13 am

    I’m currently using the Weleda calandula and chamomile shampoo for sensitive scalps which is lovely and does give a bit of foam.

    I do prefer a shampoo that leaves a scent on my hair but use a few styling products that leave enough scent.

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