Korres Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butter

I have wanted to stock up on these butters for the longest time but I like to buy new brands in person so that I can familiarise myself with them rather than online. I finally found a store in the N.E that stocks the range and jumped in with 2 feet, buying both the Guava and Pomegranate Lip Butters.

Retailing at £6 each, I think they are an acceptable price for the brand. Each pot is 6g and gloriously thick and nourishing and smell delicious.

Each tinted lip butter imparts a gentle wash of colour that is definitely noticeable on my dark lips so will be very pretty and slightly more pigmented on someone with lighter lips. On applying the butter, a little does go a long way and it applies smoothly and without any effort to spread it round due to it’s texture.

The butters themselves have a light fragrance that isn’t overbearing and doesn’t really taste of anything so these are great to use if you are sensitive to scents and flavoured lip products.

I absolutely love the 2 Lip Butters I have by Korres so much so that I have been and bought a further 2 from ASOS.COM (£6 each, free postage) to add to my collection. I am waiting for them arrive but I added Jasmine and Mango to my existing Guava and Pomegranate.

Guava is a light milky white butter which pales out my pink lips but it would be clear on paler pouts. It’s a fantastic smell. I find myself sitting sniffing it idly. Yum. It may sound odd but it has, to me, an almost smokey smell mixed in with pencil shavings! Yes, odd I know. It evokes memories of the drawer in the dresser in my parents house that my parents kept their cigarettes and Dad’s pipe tobacco. To other people it certainly doesn’t smell like that though… don’t worry, I’ve asked them to sniff test!

Pomegranate has a light fruity scent that certainly doesn’t smell forced or overtly synthetic.

A nice natural scent which is great as a lot of scented lip products seem to have that overpowering ‘fake’ smell which I personally find off putting! The Butter is a soft pink with a slight orange understones that could be described as a dark salmon pink. It does look rather potent in the pot but you can easily sheer it out or build it up, which is what I like about these butters. You can apply loads in one go without feeling like your mouth is covered in glue!

I absolutely love these butters and will definitely repurchase now I have finally tried them! They are so yummy and soft with a great longevity. You do get a transfer on to a glass but they still remain very nourishing on the lips.

My only complaint about the product is the packaging. It’s very small and compact but the walls of the pot itself are quite thick and I could see it being an issue trying to scoop the butter out from the bottom of the pot once it starts to drop, and the apperture is a bit tight if you have long nails. It’s fine while the level is still at the top but I envisage it being a bit messy once you get in to using it!

Next on the list…. Wild Rose & Quince!

You can buy the Korres Lip Butters in the following ways :


Have you tried any Korres products? What would you recommend?

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  1. 14th October 2011 / 7:25 pm

    I’ve had that issue in the past, just use the other side of your nail. As in your flicking the lip balm, wipe the bead on to your lip and then smoosh it about with the pad of your finger.

    Hope that makes some kind of sense! 🙂

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