Turbo Thursday – We all can dream…

Turbo Thursday – We all can dream…

The 2nd instalment of my Turbo Thursday set finds me day dreaming.

Now when most people imagine their dream car, it’s invariably a super sports car, a car from a movie or for the girly girls amongst us, something pink and flowery but not me.

I am obsessed.. Yes people OBSESSED with 1930 Ford hot rods. I would actually sell my own grandmother (nay, both of them) to have a 1932 Ford Coupe hot rod. Black with flames or a beautiful deep House of Kolor candy red. Mm beautiful.

In 2006 I had the great pleasure of seeing the awesome SEMA show in Las Vegas. It was here that I first spotted those infamous clear alloy wheels! I will never forget seeing a huge pack of amazing hot rods braying down Las Vegas boulevard in convoy. Have you ever had one of those moments where you can’t actually believe what you are seeing and you just stop and stare with a bit of drool coming out of your mouth? Yeah that was me. Nice huh?

My every day obsession with 1950s Americana has spilled over in to my motoring choices and I just can’t help but be drawn to these bad boys! Look at them.. So pretty!

So… if anyone offered me a million pound limited edition Aston Martin One-77, I’d pass…. I’d take the money of course, book a flight to America, buy a beat down old Ford and commission Rick Dale, owner of the amazing Ricks Restorations to get it back to pristine condition. In fact I think I’d probably spaff my entire million on his restorations. Hmm.. I wonder if he’d want to adopt me or marry me.. Either way it would be win!

To be fair, it’s not just 30s hot rods, it’s vintage cars in general. Not your average 20yr old VW on a ‘classic car’ policy but true vintage.

On our recent trip to Havana, we were in old car heaven!!

Check out their taxi’s!!

This is one girl that isn’t impressed by men in flashy sports cars so low you need to adopt a gym class crab to get in and out of, give me the bench seat of an american vintage classic any day.



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