Bourjois Jetsetter Collection – Come fly with me……

Bourjois Jetsetter Collection – Come fly with me……

I picked up this little trio on a recent haul day in TK MAXX for the princely some of £7.99. I think that’s a great bargain for 2 full size Bourjois products and a 95% full size little round pot too don’t you? 

In the set, we have the blue tinged Gloss Menthol to tidy up that morning breath… or that icky post coffee / smoke break whiff we all sometimes get. The blue tint is so super faint on applying it, it’s pretty much a clear gloss. It certainly doesn’t make your lips blue! They say using anything remotely blue toned will whiten the appearance of teeth and counterbalance deep red lips – I’m all for that!! 

As usual with Bourjois lip glosses, the applicator is a very short, synthetic fibre brush on the end of the wand. Whilst the short stubby firm bristles afford you some rigidity for neatly applying a coloured gloss, I found it a bit unweildy for applying a clear gloss that I just wanted to slap on quickly. Just a personal bug bear and nothing to write home about really! The blue gloop has a nice, quite strong minty smell and remains nicely thick and in place on your lips with a super high gloss sheen. It did give a slight tingle effect, but no where near as much as a plumping gloss, just barely noticeable.

Next up in the trio of wonder, is the Brush Concealer which is your usual run of the mill twist-to-use liqiud concealer. The product has a definite pink tone to it which will perfectly counteract all those sallow under eye bags (we all have them at some point!!). It gives an average coverage to spots and blemishes so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for that but as an under eye brightener and then pulled across the brown bone and down in to the bridge of the nose, it really does perk up the eye area without overloading it with product. It’s not something I would seek out to buy alone as I feel there are better products out there, but for the kit, I think it’s a really great item. 

The last piece in this make up menage a trois is the Illuminating Touch which is such a beautiful colour! I’m always a bit dubious of wearing anything shimmery on my cheeks as it can go 1 of 2 ways for me.. Making me look like a lady of the night touting for business or hot sweaty shiny mess. I can’t seem to strike a happy medium. I am pleased to say that with this little round pot I can achieve that stunningly subtle glow to my cheeks that I crave. It looks predominately pink in the pot but on swatching and using, it gives a peachy gold light shimmer that looks so pretty dusted along the top of the cheeks, across the brow bone and down the nose. I feel that it is perking my face up and giving it a bit of a glow as I am not wearing foundation at present due to my tan. 

This kit is obviously designed with a traveller in mind, probably sold on the plane / duty free and I can totally see it’s benefit on a journey. I only wish I had found this 2 weeks earlier before my holiday as I would defintely have included this in my hand luggage. As it stands, these are 3 very very handy pieces to keep in your handbag to give you an instantly refreshed look without carrying a full kit around. Say in a school bag or a gym bag just to perk you up in a hurry with 3 well suited partner pieces.

Bargain buy at £7.99 so I suggest you all dash out to TK MAXX now!

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