Chanel Coco Rouge – The start of something beautiful

Chanel Coco Rouge – The start of something beautiful
I’ve always veered away from Chanel as to be quite honest, I’ve always found them a little too ‘safe’ for my tastes when it comes to their lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love their nail polishes but as a habitual nail biter and car tinkering girl, I’ve never justified buying them.

It was on a recent jaunt to a Chanel counter that I realised my tastes had changed away from the brights and bold that MAC and Illamasqua are more famed for and that I had been stocking up on lots of neutrals and ‘sensible’ colours. 

With this, I bought myself my first Chanel lipstick – Rouge Coco in 04 Cashmere. I did actually ask the S.A in Boots whether I’d get a Chanel bag or a poxy boots one (yes, shallow I know!!)

Cashmere is a goldy brown neutral with slight pink undertones to it. It borders between Satin and a mild frost finish in my opinion but I think that’s from the colour being shot through with a fine gold sparkle. 

Application is impeccable, either from the bullet or with a brush. It goes on smoothly, with high pigmentation and a not too shiny finish. The bullet has a very subtle rosie floral scent which isn’t overpowering at all and doesn’t linger.

The lipstick lasts an age without losing that nice moisturing feeling. Minimal transfer from the lips too.

I guess they are right… you get what you pay for… and I’ve already bought a 2nd and got some mascara! Ooops! 


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