Sleek – Bonaire Pout Polish – Caribbean Collection

Sleek – Bonaire Pout Polish – Caribbean Collection
Bonaire is an orange Pout Polish from the Caribbean Collection. It features the same cute packaging as the Aruba blush and the Curacao palette.
The colour goes on very lightly in a lovely sheer wash. On paler lips the colour pay off would be intensified but on more rosy lips you get a soft and subtle tint. One thing that I have noticed is that for the colour to be applied well, you need your lips to be in tip top condition. When I was swatching this, I had 1 tiny bit of dry skin on my lip and it seemed to collect all the colour and leave one bright orange patch and nothing anywhere else! A quick scrub with the Lush bubblegum scrub sorted this out, but knowing that it clumps the pigment, I’d be wary about taking this out and about for me for quick touch ups.
I keep saying over and over again that I really don’t like the smell of the Pout Polishes and after using the last one, I thought their formula was on the up when the overpowering scent had been toned down. I don’t know if I am overly sensitive to the smell now but it seems to be back in full force with Bonaire. I’ve seen people liken it to a tropical smell but as usual, I can’t get past the Carnauba / car polish smell. Of course I don’t let this put me off, I always like to look past the smell as it is just a personal issue and not a fault of the product itself and I do continue to buy the Pout Polishes as I like their nourishing feeling on the lips combined with the sheer colour and high shine. For £4.30 you use to little of the product they’ll last you a life time.
As I likened the Aruba blush to a more amplified version of Pan Tao, this could be considered to be the louder older brother of Sugar May. Where Sugar May has next to no colour pay off on my natural lip tone, it works amazingly well over a base colour. Bonaire gives that slight tint of colour without the base. Both are beautiful shades in their own right though.
If you are a fan of the Pout Polishes then I really recommend you buy this, don’t let the colour in the pan put you off!
There would be a swatch picture of it on my hands and lips but sadly half way through taking pictures my husband magically “misplaced” it and it’s now nowhere to be found! MEN!
You can buy the Sleek Bonaire Pout Polish in the following ways :
Superdrug online
Superdrug instore
Sleek’s own website – £4.30

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