Review : Sleek – Curacao Palette – Caribbean Collection

Review : Sleek – Curacao Palette – Caribbean Collection

In the final part of my Sleek Week, we have my newest piece, the Curacao palette from the Caribbean Collection.
In the palette you will find 12 bright bold super summery eye shadows, each one crying out to be used in a big bold look. As we have all come to expect, there is the usual mix of mattes and shimmers within this set.
Despite the colours looking so super bold in the pan and in the swatch, I have found myself looking at them and lumping them in to 2 distinctive look groups. First you have the hot warm sunset colours (which is a look I LOVE) and then you have the cool blue greens of the sea. Now I don’t know if this is intentional as part of the whole tropical holiday vibe of the collection but it’s certainly how it makes me feel. 
As soon as I got my mitts on the palette (at work I hastened to add) I quickly pulled out 2 EOTD looks, one a warm sunset blend and the other a bold sea green melange. 
The blues and green look certainly is bright but you could very easily tone it down, I just wanted to get the product on to my eyes and see how it fared. I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE the orangey reds as I think it really makes my blue eyes pop. It’s one notch up from the bronzes and golds I like to wear to make my eyes pop.
I’ve included a few dodgy phone snaps of the 2 different eye looks I did….. At work…… using only the foam applicator! I don’t think they have come out all that bad! I certainly didn’t get TOO many odd looks for the remaining 9hrs of my working day! I work with men so I doubt they even noticed!!
Hayfever, air conditioning and 12hr working days = blood shot eyes! grrr!
I think the orange, red and yellow will get used more than the blues, but on a neutral eye, they’d look stunning used as a wet powder eyeliner along the lash line to bring a pop of colour.

Here’s my run down on the shades….
1. Tequila Sunrise – Bold orange shade with a tinge of gold shot through it. Almost looks foiled when you pack the colour on. Reminds me of Lucozade! Shimmer
2. Martini – Frosty white, high colour with slight subtle dazzles of pink and gold. Shimmer
3. Blue Hawaiian – Light sky blue, almost baby blue. Needs to be built up as it is light and rather chalky. Matte
4. Bloody Mary – Salmony / orangey red. Reminds me of the inside of a Blood Orange. Bold pigment, light hand needed for applying but takes a fair bit of blending. Chalky Matte.
5. Screwdriver – Bold canary yellow. Very hit and miss on swatching, needs a lot of building, but works as a light swish of sheer colour. Hard work. Matte.
6. Green Iguana – Leafy green. Good coverage and blends beautifully. Shimmer
7. Apres Midori – Bold opulent emerald green. Shimmer
8. Blue Lagoon – Cobalt blue, hard to build, blending was a bit tricky compared to the shimmers. Sadly ended up being next to no different to Blue Hawaiian once on the eye and blended.Matte
9. Purple Haze – Rich grapey aubergine. Blended well, colour went on well. Great alternative crease colour for a smokey eye. Matte
10. Green Martini – Black tinged golden olive green. Stunning colour. Can be dramatic or gentle. Love this as an alternative to a black smokey eye. Shimmer
11. Singapore Sling – Blue toned fuschia. Bold on the eye but with a light sweep can be soft and gentle. Real pop of colour with a tan. I like it on the lower lash line for a different twist on eyeliner. Shimmer
12. Espresso Martini – The usual solid black. Super duper pigmented and a little goes a LONG way. When travelling i’d use this as a brow colour with a v. light hand or as a liner. Great as a crease colour if used sparingly on a brighter look. Matte

This little bad boy will be packed in my holiday make up bag for some bright bold looks on an evening time. You always feel bolder on holiday don’t you? And as I’m off to the Caribbean itself, I need a bit of Ay Carumba in my life! Arriba!
You can buy the Sleek Bonaire Pout Polish in the following ways :
Superdrug online
Superdrug instore
Sleek’s own website – £6.49


  1. 19th July 2011 / 9:22 am

    Brilliant, love the swatch descriptions and loads of photos a really detailed useful review, worth buying just for green martini & purple haze in my opion.

  2. Katie
    19th July 2011 / 8:53 pm

    Aw thanks love

    Green Martini really is a beautiful, complex colour. Very rich and.opulent

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