Sleek – Aruba Blush – Caribbean Collection

Sleek – Aruba Blush – Caribbean Collection

I’ll hold my hands up now ladies… this blush scares me! I had visions of me putting it on and turning in to one of those orange faced chavs – Yuk! The packaging is divine though, so cute and bright. I love it!

As usual the blush packaging features a great distortion free mirror which is great for topping up blush and other make up on the go.

The blush itself is a bold vivid orange. It couldn’t be confused with anything else, it’s a definite orange! To be fair, it’s only a few small notches up from the Pan Tao blush which is an orange peach itself.

When swatched the blush comes out to a powdery pigmented finish but I have found it to be crazy hard to blend out. I’ve not really had this problem with the other Sleek blushes, this is by far the hardest to work with so far. Even with a super light hand, you need to work the blush in and make sure it’s blended perfectly. It’s really not one of those perfect blushes you can just ‘throw on’ and it looks fab.

With flash
Without flash – natural daylight

The way I like to wear mine is over the top of a bronzer and tan blush, just to add a bit of colour to the cheeks to stop them looking a little flat. Maybe with a tan or on darker skinned lovelies you could work it out on its own but I think for fair skins it could just be way OTT. I am willing to be proven wrong though if anyone has any pictures of them wearing it?

As the blush is so highly pigmented, I only ever need to lightly tap my brush on top of the pan, rather than sweeping it over. It gives the perfect light wash of colour without having to deal with the powdery fall out.

All in all, I’m glad I bought this. I think I’ll get a lot more wear out of it once I have a tan as it is just a volumised version of Pan Tao (in my opinion anyway), and for £4.30, it’s a great colour to have in your collection.

You can buy the Sleek Aruba blush in the following ways :
Superdrug online
Superdrug instore
Sleek’s own website – £4.30



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