A box shaped buzz?

After Glossy Box recently burst on to the UK scene with rave reviews on the first box, I was keen to jump on the bandwagon. I of course apparently missed the deadline for the June box so I am still sitting waiting for my 1st box despite paying weeks and weeks ago! Hmmph!

I’m quite glad I didn’t get the 2nd box as from what I can gather everyone was pretty unhappy about what they’d pay for, namely the mini can of Batiste. Now every girl needs a can, but it’s not exactly the high end luxe product everyone had been promised now is it.

Combining the shaky 2nd reviews with a new price hike (an additional £2.95 for postage) for 5 middle of the road product samples seems to be a bit expensive. £2.95 would be understandable if you were getting 5 full size bottles of product but for some sachets and minis? It does seem excessive.

I will certainly be basing any potential outlay on my first box so lets hope it’s a good one. I love small travel size products as I travel a lot, the Glossy Box concept is one that appeals as I get to stock up on mini’s but I also get to try a lot of products that I wouldn’t normally have access to on a highstreet or wouldn’t want to risk trying in a full size with my sensitive skin.
Hot on the heels of the Glossy Box is Boudoir Privé a new contender for the luxury sampling crown. For your £10 monthly fee you will be receiving 6, yes 6, ‘deluxe-sized’ samples. So automatically you are getting an extra 1 item above and beyond the Glossy Box offering.

The online buzz is growing about Boudoir Privé being potentially being better than Glossy Box so as I am yet to receive my first GB, I was eager to jump on the Boudoir Privé bandwagon, just in case like Glossy Box, the subsequent quality of parcels detoriates I can atleast say I was in there at the beginning! The name alone has a bit more sophistication than Glossy Box. I’m a sucker for a seductive product name!

You can register for the Boudoir Privé boxes over on their website : HERE  even the sign up page looks pretty!


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