Review : Sleek True Colour lipstick – Peaches & Cream

Review : Sleek True Colour lipstick – Peaches & Cream

I bought this liptstick on a whim while I was ordering my Oh So Special Palette (review to come soon) and from the website it looked like a gorgeous coral tinged peach. Perfect for the summer and work friendly too.  Knowing the quality and pigmentation of Sleek products I had high hopes of a great lipstick at a bargainous price!

When the lipstick arrived I was seriously shocked at how small it was. The packaging is tiny! I did partially feel ripped off on the price vs size front but once I rolled the bullet out it was clear the product wasn’t as dinky as the tube suggested! The lipstick itself is housed in an oval tube with a matte black almost rubberised feel to it which reminded me of the GOSH lipsticks. The Sleek True Colour logo was barely visible on the tube with the naked eye, which made trying to take a picture of it quite tricky (I lack perservereance y’see!) The logo was reminiscent of the i-Divine Palettes, the way they feature black on black logos.

You can just about make out the logo on this picture

The colour is a warm orange based coral peach tone and the bullet looks decidedly waxy. The product actually goes on to give a super soft milky sheen with highly pigmented colour.

The sheen does dry out quite quickly on my lips to leave a more matte finish but it makes a fab base for the Bonaire or Sugar May pout polish, especially the latter as I find it far too sheer to wear alone.

With flash

In natural light

For all the lipstick is beautifully pigmented and it would lovely on someone with a paler natural lip colour but on me I don’t know how much wear I’ll get from this as a lipstick, the milky texture is just too apparent on my lips which makes them look a bit gross. I will definitely use it as a base for the pout polishes as they really eradicate the milky tones.

Look how milky it looks on my inner lip line – not nice at all!

Even though my first foray in to True Colour lipsticks has been slightly disappointing, that’s totally down to my choice of colours. I know I will definitely be picking up a few more in the future… I may however only buy them from the concession stand so that I can swatch before buying.
Like nail varnish websites, I still think actual swatches would be so beneficial for buying online. Whether it’s a smear on a hand or a snap of a models lips. I know it will boost costs and time up on the brands part but as a consumer, I’d just totally love to see it.

You can buy the Sleek Peaches & Cream True Colour Lipstick in the following ways :

Superdrug online
Superdrug instore
Sleek’s own website – £4.00


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