Hello my old friend…. products and brands you just can’t let go

Hello my old friend…. products and brands you just can’t let go

Whilst perched on the side of the bath last night dying my hair, it got me thinking about all the brands and products out there, but I keep coming back to the same old ones.

Take my hair dye for example. I’ve been dying my hair pretty much since I was 12/13, so for 15/16yr I have been buying dyes and exposed to all the brands, types, shades etc. I have tried pretty much everything on the market, and a host of salon colours yet I still always come back to Nice & Easy super pale blonde. Why is that?

Familiarity? Product excellence? Afraid of change? NOPE! It’s because I have found a product that truly fits me and I couldn’t improve on it.

I am an SB1 (summer blonde) and I have been an SB1 girl for more years than I care to count. I have been there with Nice & Easy through their rebrandings (Remember the odd heads coming out of the water?!) and new colours and yet I still stay loyal. That has to be testament to the quality of their products, combined with their very reasonable prices and huge selection of colours…. I truly cannot find a better at home permanent dye. So I have stopped even looking at others in shops… regardless of what mega offers are on! 

I even use the conditioner in with the dye.. and they are quite notorious for being rubbish…. not this one, you can even buy it seperately!

Amusingly, when I first spotted SB1 as the lightest N&E offering in Boots, I was too afraid to try it because I had it in my head that it would be discontinued as soon as summer was gone, but one day I bit the bullet and I’ve never looked back since… and they didn’t pull the product either – win!

The same goes for my deodorant. It’s a basic, staple item that everyone uses (I hope!) and I have tried lots of different types but I always come back to Vaseline Active Fresh. The scent is lovely and even though it’s quite pricey compared to some, I always go straight for it without even looking at anything else. My husband on the other hand will wear whatever is on special offer at the time he goes!

It got me thinking, at what point do you accept that you will always use this product for as long as you possibly can? When do you stop looking for a replacement? Do you ever get tempted? Don’t get me wrong, I do switch it up with a lot of other products but I do have a set of things I just will not veer from!

Do you have any products that you have used forever and just can’t see yourself ever stopping? Or are you brand adventurous and never stick to the one thing?


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