Katie of the Playboy Mansion

Katie of the Playboy Mansion
I hold my hands up now, my guilty tv pleasure is / was watching The Girls Next Door / Girls of the PlayBoy Mansion. Not the new girls, but Kendra, Holly and Bridget. I blame those 3 ladies for my quest for platinum blonde hair! ha! I even adore the almost spin off film – The House Bunny which reminds me completely of Bridget!

I was obsessed with the show and I sky +’d every episode! It was both an interesting insight in to a life I’d never have (thankfully) and it was full of pert pretty blondes… who can complain! Hef always struck me as an old romantic that just happened to be in love with 3 ladies, rather than the seedy old man alot of people think he is. He always comes across as such a sweety and really lovely. In fact, just as i’m writing this, news has broke that his engagement and super close wedding has been called off – poor Hef!

I’m not the kind of Playboy tattoo / bed linen / car stickers kind of fan but I did push the boat out to include some fluffy Playboy slippers with dangley dice… they remind me of my honeymoon in Vegas and are now much loved and a lovely shade of off white… and a Playboy lipgloss (that was incidentally super reduced in TJ Hughes a few year ago!)

The infamous Playboy London club first opened its doors to eager society gamblers in 1965 and re-opened after an overhaul on the 4th June this year. 
Look how devilishly handsome Hef looks! *swoon*
The club has a new modern look to bring it up to date. From the website it looks like a sleek swish modern club set up with a high standard and finish. With uniforms designed by Marchesa, the club certainly has gone along way from moving away from the perceived sleazy image it induces in some people, the way Stringfellows does. I’d love to go, just to say i’ve been! 

I’ve seen the Playboy Club in Las Vegas not long after it opened in 2006 so it would be nice to see the version in the UK. Maybe I should drag Mr Tramp!

What prompted this waffle and declaration of love over scantily clad blondes was this fab set of treatments from Wahanda I spotted whilst trying to book my mother in law a birthday spa day! I don’t think she’s quite ready for the Playboy Club yet but Wahanda is certainly right, every lady deserves to feel amazing in her own skin.. whether you cover that skin with a Bunny uniform, Asda uniform or a tracksuit… we all need some TLC!

I think i’ll be booking myself in for that Hollywood glow!

Playboy bunny beauty busters
from Wahanda

It’s hard to miss the excitement and controversy stemming from the opening of the new Playboy Club in London these last few days. Nonetheless, whether you agree or not, it is sure to say that the girls will look fabulous. At Wahanda, the UK’s largest online community for spa, beauty and wellness, there are a fantastic range of spas, treatments and deals that mean that you too can look and feel gorgeous for yourself if not anyone else!

Despite the difference in opinion on the club’s opening, it highlights the fact that we girls deserve to look and feel great, and what better way than treating yourself to a little ‘me’-time. Whether you’re strutting around in your underwear at home or strolling round the office, every girl should feel every inch empowered and gorgeous. At Wahanda you can quickly, easily and without shedding too much out of your purse find treatments that will leave you hopping for more!

Cellulite treatments: Playboy bunny or not, no-body is perfect. Cellulite affects nine out of ten women and is a common enemy to us all. Using Wahanda’s easy to use search tool you can find great treatments local to you. There are a number of different ways to reducing the appearance of cellulite; from body wraps to specially a tailored lymphatic drainage massage. All are aimed to ensure you feel and look at your best below that bunny tail!

Facial treatments: One thing is easy to notice: the bunnies always have a smile on their faces. No doubt this is helped by good skin and a glowing complexion, so we highly recommend a facial to leave you feeling cleansed and gorgeous. Our faces, unlike our bodies (unless you’re one of Heff’s girls), are always on show, so keeping our skin looking beautiful is all part of keeping it healthy. There are a variety of different types of facials and at Wahanda you can make sure you find the right one for you.

Getting that bunny body glow: No doubt these new Playboy bunnies are going to struggle to keep up that sun-kissed look thanks to traditional British weather, but you don’t necessarily need sun to glow like an LA star. There are plenty of tanning salons around the country and, at Wahanda you can easily find salons or spas local to you and rated and reviewed by other users. All fake tans work best after a good exfoliation so why not look up a venue that offers a body scrub too!

As well as those suggested above, Wahanda have a huge range of different treatments as well as spa days and spa breaks, available throughout the UK. Wahanda Beauty and Spa Gift Vouchers are also available to buy online from £25 to £200 and so can make the perfect gift to treat someone special!
Visit www.wahanda.com for more information.

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