Sienna X express yourself tanning mist

Sienna X express yourself tanning mist
I am a bit of a tan addict, and I openly admit to having been a sunbed fiend in  yesteryear but I am now loving spray tans and gradual tanners.

I struggle to find products that are actually dark enough to show up on my normally quite tanned skin, so my store cupboard is full of discarded light spray tans!I was kindly sent some Sienna X tan to try out and it has taken me a little while to get round to using it. Fake tan + chlorine don’t mix and I’ve been swimming of late.

I used the Sienna X Express yourself tanning mist in their generic shade. This retails for £15.95

As a trial run, I used it on my arms, chest and face so I looked (hopefully) glowy when I went out for my birthday. I prepped in the usual way and began the application.

The can was a nice slender size which made it very easy to maneouvre around and it continued to spray while upside down. There was a little residual drippage from the nozzle but a tissue on hand fixed this so that I didn’t end up with dark blebs.

I sprayed from the recommended distance but I found the mist disappated far to quickly and didn’t feel like it came in to contact with my skin. I went back over my arms at a slightly closer distance and the application felt much better.

The smell was pleasant and my skin dried ultra quickly meaning I could re-dress in record time, without stains on my clothes (white pj top as it happens!).

The tan gradually developed over the 2-4hrs recommended time to a very very light golden tint. It is a beautiful colour but no where near as deep as I’d personally like. No one has noticed I looked any different but have commented that it has tanned my hands and inner arms beautifully and naturally to match my arms on the top. Now this might not sound very good, but I always suffer white hands and inner arms, even after a week long holiday, so to have a nice evened out glow is fab.

The only real downside for me was it did start to stink after a few hours and even after a shower I had that horrid fake tan smell on my arms, despite it not smelling like that after the initial application! A variety of colours would be great too, if you can tailor a spray tan to suit the depth you want, the choice of a dark tan as well as the generic can, would really appeal to me and make me re-purchase. It is also quite a small can for the price, but it is on par with other brands on the market.

I think this product will be amazing for all you lighter lovelies or for everyone in the winter months for a quick perk. I would rate it higher than St Troper and Garnier (I have used both several times without much joy).

I am going to re-spray myself tonight to see if a 2nd application will allow the colour to deepen down and spray it a little closer to my skin. I will update you once it’s developed but I had to let you all know about Sienna X as I genuinely do love it, so far! The only reason I’m writing this now is because I can’t stop admiring my tanned hands and inner arms, set off by my lovely salmon pink nail varnish! I’m distracted!!

If there is any demand, I will ask Mr Tramp to test the tan out for me as he is very very VERY pale so any difference in tone will show up much more on his skin.

This product was sent to me to try out for free. It does not sway my judgement and my verdict is 100% honest


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