Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner
I’ll be honest, I’m not an eyeliner officianado, I don’t regularly wear eyeliner, let alone buy them but I was captivated by this beautiful, true teal colour liner. I bought it from Superdrug whilst they had an offer on (currently two £2.99 items for £5 and I’d already bought a lipgloss). I can’t actually find it on the Superdrug website but HERE it is on the Collection 2000 site. I’m a sporadic liner buyer… when I either want it for a specific look or colour. That said, I have tried most formulas, formats and brands over the years.

The nib is very fine which I love. On the rare occasions I use eyeliner I always lean towards these fine tipped pen style liners as I find them more accurate to use. The product itself is a quick drying, smooth, highly pigmented liquid with little to no eyelid imprinting.

The colour stays a beautiful and bold teal colour, unlike a lot of other coloured liners that I find end up either fading out or drying to a chalky dull finish.

I don’t know if I am ready to branch out in to the other colourways in the range, but I do know I will definitely repurchase this teal liner once it runs out!

My only criticism, if you can really call it that, is the longevity. Yes the liner stays in place for 24 hrs but that’s where it all goes down hill rapidly. On Friday night it took me 4 make up wipes, 2 different make up removers (including a waterproof make up remover), a baby wipe and a cotton ball soaked in baby oil to try to remove this pesky liner! It was stained on so badly, I had to re-wear the liner on Saturday… which only made the staining worse! I think if I had only applied a very thin line alone my lashes it would have been fine, but as I applied it in a slightly wider liner for a statement look, I was stuck with it! Maybe a stained black line wouldn’t have been so bad either!

Here we go.. a brutally horrid picture… late at night. You can see how much I rubbed at my eyes to get it off, my cheek is bright red!

I did however cry (at a tv show) whilst wearing the liner and it didn’t budge. This would be so perfect for a beach holiday or a festival. I know I shall be carrying mine with me on my holiday this year!

For £2.99, I think this is an excellent budget liner and would recommend it to anyone especially as there is more than just black to choose from and it actually lasts the 24hrs it promises!!


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