China Glaze Ruby Slippers

China Glaze Ruby Slippers
Check out ma pimp slippaz yo!

Ok ok so I don’t actually talk like that, I was just feeling a little bit gangster! I did a NOTD with the red glittery Ruby Pumps.

I was expecting red glitter suspended in a clear gel but this polish had a red tone to it to give good coverage as well as glitter.

For this NOTD I used the obligatory basecoat followed by 1 coat of Nails Inc red just to boost the red tones of the China Glaze. Once dry I applied 2 good coats of the China Glaze to build glitter coverage. This polish is SO amazing. The depth and quality of the glitter is out of this world – I’m in love! The China Glaze does dry to a slightly gritty finish so I applied a coat of the free China Glaze top coat to finish my manicure off.

I am mesmerized by the depth and tones of this polish. In some lights it just looks like a flat metallic ruby red then in others it springs to life like a big red disco on my fingers!

This was my first venture in to China Glaze and I was so impressed I’ve since went on a bit of a CG purchasing rampage! What’s a girl to do, I neeeed more China Glaze in my life ladies!


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