Food Friday Review – Gusto, Newcastle

Gusto Review 3

I have one of those hit and miss relationships with Gusto, I have to admit. It’s been about 50:50 for visits that I have actually been able to get in and get a seat, often being turned away for being full despite empty abundant tables.

Thankfully, towards the end of April I hit lucky! The lovely Vicky from Describe the Sky and I had a lady date and went for dinner.

After having a drink outside on a mild spring evening, we moved upstairs to our table. The dimly light restaurant feels magical with the abundance of twinkly fairy lights and mirrors to reflect the lights. We quickly settled on our choices and placed our order.

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Travel : St Mary’s Inn, Morpeth, Northumberland

St Marys Inn Stay Review

If you can remember our first visit to St Mary’s Inn back at the end of 2014, you’ll remember us saying how much we wanted to stay over. Given the creepy nature of the property and fact the rooms look beautiful, we booked up to stay in February as a very much needed relaxing weekend.

Our room, Sweethope Loughs, was £90 for bed and breakfast for us both. When booking, I specifically asked for a view of the now derelict hospital. Pretty odd, yes, but we do love Urbex sites like

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Big birthday giveaway

Make Up Revolution

Today is my 32nd birthday and to celebrate, I am giving one of my lovely readers the chance to splurge £32 on one of the hottest make up brands around at the minute – Make Up Revolution.

Not only do you get to spend £1 for every year I have been alive, you get to pick exactly what you want to buy and I will have it zoomed straight to your door! That could be 32 single lipsticks or some of their amazing palettes – it’s up to you!

I could have picked something high end, I could have offered a voucher but who doesn’t love a delivery chock full of make up eh!

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