The Stinking Rose San Francisco Review

If you are a foodie, you always hunt out interesting or novel places to eat when you visit somewhere new. On our first visit to San Francisco on our honeymoon 10 long year ago, we researched a restaurant that served garlic with everything on the menu.

The Stinking Rose has 2 locations, 1 in San Francisco and 1 in Los Angeles catering for us garlic fans serving up garlic goodness since 1991.

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The View Tynemouth Review

Tynemouth is riding high on the crest of the foodie wave that has hit in recent times. The whole coast has been rebranded in sorts. The stag and hens that used to flock to the coast for hedonistic weekends have been replaced by a discerning crowd looking for artisan coffee and fresh local ingredients.

Not that it’s a bad thing of course.

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We all know I love nothing more than a good handbag. It’s no secret.

I often find myself admiring Ted Baker bags and then balking at the price. Especially for the plastic shoppers but I’ve been trawling the internet far and wide for a Ted Baker wheeled travel bag in the sale but have yet to find one! Hmmph!

But what if I told you I had found a way to shop all the sale bags, in one place?

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TRIPP Express Bloom Review

I know a lot of people still haven’t taken their Summer holiday yet but now is the perfect time treat yourself to a new suit case in the summer sales.

For a great, budget friendly case, I recommend the TRIPP brand. This Express Bloom 2 wheeled case (£39) is a little bit eye catching to make spotting it easy but is still sleek enough to not look out of place in the lobby of a 5* hotel and anywhere in between.

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Country Girl Rules 4

If you’re a townie, you can probably smell the difference between your local coffee shops or smell the fresh sea air from your front door but when you live in the countryside, you learn to differentiate the smells of which manure the local farmers are spreading on their fields (Pig poo is the worst!) and you think going to a country fair is the highlight of your weekend.

If you think a Barbour jacket is a necessity not a fashion accessory, read on. I found myself nodding at quite a lot of these!

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