USA Road Trip 2017

I am less than 1 week away from this years USA road trip holiday and I am giddy with excitement.  My suitcase is getting closer and closer to the front door as the days go by, I am ready for the break!  Unlike my last trip away, it’s just the Husband and I this time. 2 weeks and the open road ahead.

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Learning to Drive

It is 17 years since I learned to drive. Jesus where has that time gone? My Neighbours youngest son is just learning to drive now and I remember him just being a little kid, so I feel very old!

Driving and cars are my passion and it’s one I share with my Husband and my family – thankfully – so I am always patient and kind to learner drivers out on the road. We ALL learned once.

If you are taking your first lessons this summer, I have 5 top tips for techy assistance whilst learning.

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Blonde Hair

If you throw it back to last year, I was struggling to grow out that god awful root stretch that a stylist had cursed me with. Then I found a new salon and the blonde was back. Not only have I found the best salon in Newcastle, I have had a change around with my hair and gone darker this weekend!

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Cheese Posties Review

A cheese toastie is one of those basic comfort foods that we all love. The gooey melty cheese in warm buttery bread. Imagine getting a cheese toastie through the door every week? That is precisely what Cheese Posties offer. Delivered cheesy delights.

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Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

The heat wave England is currently enduring is nothing compared to our visit to Furnace Creek Ranch. Death Valley is listed as the hottest place on earth and let me tell you, it was.  Our little bit of oasis in the fierce heat was Furnace Creek Ranch and their pool!

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