The Best Egg Nog Recipe

I’ve tried a fair few store bought versions and DIY recipes for Egg Nog over the years as the Husband loves it for a festive tipple but this is by far the best version yet!

Easily transferrable from alcoholic to booze free, give it a try this Christmas as it is so easy!

3 extra brownie points if you can guess which film we are giving a nod to in the last photo!

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ASOS Backpack Review

Every now and then, we all need to be hands free and toting your handbag round is the worst thing ever. Right?

I have been struggling with sciatica recently and I found carrying my usual bags on one side really killing my back after a long day so I was on the hunt for a ‘smart’ rucksack.

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Chanel Rouge Allure 149 Elegante Review

Now there’s only a handful of purchases that make me joyful, time after time. If it’s not handbag related, it’s Chanel. From the customer service to the cute little bag and wrapping – It’s a pleasure.

When I found myself in front of a Chanel counter with a friend who was a Chanel virgin, I couldn’t resist a cheeky purchase so I picked up another Rouge Allure Lipstick in 149 Elegante (£26).

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The Blackbird Ponteland Newcastle Review

On quite possibly the rainiest day of the year, we ventured to Ponteland to sample the delicious delights of The Blackbird.

Thanks to extensive restorations carried out through the years, The Blackbird can proudly call the old Ponteland Castle home. Although destroyed in 1388, areas can still be found in the building such as the tower and gorgeous Tudor fireplace.

Billed as serving Country Fayre + City Drinks, we headed in to explore

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Simply Be Value Parka Review

With England being battered by Storm Angus and snow up here in the wilds of County Durham, everyone is thinking about their winter coats.

I was eager to snap up a new parka this year but had been struggling to find the perfect one that isn’t too heavy for Autumn but will keep me warm in Winter.

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