5 new things to try this month

5 new things to try this month

I’m a firm believer in trying new things, from food to music to books and travel. Whilst I am always looking for that new experience or skill to learn, I do have my trusty “can do” list. We aim to visit a new place regularly whether it is near or far – you know where love a road trip here at Lady from a Tramp! Professionally, I push myself to learn or develop a new skill every 3 months at work so I can put it to use for the rest of the year.

Are you enjoying your 2019 so far? Have you managed to tick much off your “to-do” list for this year? Or are you already bored and wondering how you can make this year much more exciting? Sure, you can stay at home at watch the Oscars and follow all your favourite celebrities at this year’s
Met Gala – click here for the Met Gala theme – but what about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?

Well, if you’ve already stopped going to the gym and you’re other plans for the year have fallen by the way side, then don’t worry. Now that Spring is here, you might find that there are more possibilities open to you!
Read on for a little inspiration and 5 things to try this month.

Hit the road
If you have the funds, then why not head out on an impulsive road trip? If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go then plan a route and head there. You could go by yourself or get your best friend to come too or your other half – no matter what, just make it happen! But don’t plan too
much – the best road trips are the spontaneous ones!

Make your outdoor space ready for entertaining
It’s been a long winter, so now that spring is here it’s time to enjoy what nature has to offer! Longer, lighter evenings and warmer weather mean that it’s time to spend some time in the back yard! Take some time to set up the perfect garden space, from repurposing your old garden furniture, to
hanging some gorgeous twinkling lights and planting some gorgeous Spring flowers. Add cushions, drinks and a few friends and you’ll be counting down until Summer time!

Learn something new
Always wanted to learn how to do the Tango? Or wanted to speak like a local when you head off on holiday? Well, why not make 2019 the year that you broaden your mind and absorb something new! If you want to learn a language, see if your local college or community centre is holding classes, the same goes for dance lessons. Or you could brush up on a subject that interests you and listen to a podcast. Learn how to bake or to cook a certain meal to perfection! Life is for learning, so don’t miss out!

Spring clean your closet
We all have too much stuff. So, this month why not make the effort to really minimalize all the clutter and unwanted items in your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards. Anything you don’t want could be donated to charity, or you could try selling it on to make a profit. You’ll be amazed at how
great it feels to get rid of all that clutter!

If you’re feeling a bit lost this month, then why not do something completely selfless and do something for someone else. You could try volunteering at a local food bank or homeless shelter or even organise a beach clean and do something for your local community and the environment.

How often do you try something new?

All images from Unsplash except Road Trip which is from Death Valley and is created + owned by me.

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