How to Beat the Stress Over the Festive Season

How to Beat the Stress Over the Festive Season

Christmas comes but once a year and for some of us, that’s more than enough. Granted the festive season means time off work (for some of us) and spending time with friends and family, but that alone can provide inordinately stress, particularly if your argumentative family are a little on the loud and insufferable side and you are prone to periods of worry.

With the right mindset, however, it can be surprisingly simple to tune out the jingle bells, the drunken karaoke and the inevitable results of a Brussel sprout overindulgence. Follow the tips below and you might just be able to survive this Christmas season without strangling anyone!

He’s Making a List
We’re not just talking about a shopping or a gift list here. There can be a tendency during the festive period to see everyone and do everything. This can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Make a list of the people you actually need to see and the things you need to do and stick to it. Everything else can just be a nice bonus if you happen to have the free time.

It’s All in the Nose
Certain smells can centre us and bring us into the moment, helping us to ignore the noise and confusion of the season and focus on the here and now. Relaxing mists and diffusers are a simple and affordable way to bring an element of calm to an otherwise hectic situation. If you want to give it a festive spin, you could also consider going for a diffuser with a cinnamon or mulled wine scent. Or maybe that would be a little on the nose?

Time is of the Essence
Whilst it can often feel like it’s going to last forever, the festive season only really lasts for a week or two at most (if you happen to be a teacher). This can mean you rush yourself, but don’t feel like you need to. Set aside a little time every day for an activity that relaxes you. Whether it’s a gentle walk, cycle, a spot of yoga or even spending an hour absorbed by a good book, if you don’t take any time out for yourself, you’ll soon find yourself unravelling.

Watch the Booze
It can certainly be tempting to overindulge on lady liquor at Christmas and it can also be a crutch when we feel overwhelmed. However, alcohol is only a temporary solution and it will always create more problems in the long term; both physical and emotional. There are other ways to sedate and calm yourself: Meditation, a hot bath or even a good conversation with a friend can work wonders. Of course, we’re not saying you have to abstain completely from the odd glass of wine or pint of lager. Just don’t overdo it! Save the booze for New Year’s Eve.

Stay Positive
It might sound trite, but the more you smile (externally and internally) the less difficult everything will seem. Keep your thoughts positive and your outlook bright and you’ll soon find yourself on the other side of the festive season. You might even find that you’ve enjoyed yourself a little!

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