Do things differently this New Year: be YOU

Do things differently this New Year: be YOU

Another day, another New Year Resolution post. As I said yesterday, I am all about setting realistic goals and targets that are more in line with my lifestyle rather than stretching myself too far with impossible resolutions.

I have a list but this year I am going to continue sticking to 1 coffee a day. It sounds so simple but I was racking up far too many cups of coffee a day, it wasn’t good!

With the end of 2017 drawing closer, we are about to enter another new year. For most of us, every year begins the same, a plan to become a new you; healthier, happier and more productive. However, more often than not, it usually lasts around 3 weeks before old habits start creeping back in.

This year, why not do things differently? Instead of these unreachable goals to change everything about your lifestyle and become a whole new person, why not just be you, a better version of your current self; less pressure and more chance of actually succeeding.

You see, what you don’t realise is that you are amazing, and you don’t really need to change who you are, you just need to make small daily changes to be the best possible version of yourself.

Here are small changes you can make this New Year to ensure you become that person you have always wanted to be without actually changing you as a person.


Guess what? Depriving yourself of all the foods you love isn’t going to make you any healthier. Enjoying chocolate or any kind of food that you love is actually a really important part of being healthy and happy.

Think about each time you vowed to give up chocolate, you wanted it even more, right? Chocolate suddenly starts coming to life and calling your name all around you. It’s called deprivation, take something completely away from someone and they will crave it even more.

Instead, this year, if you want some chocolate, have some! Sounds strange but physiologically, if you tell yourself you can have something, you are less likely to crave it. When you do reach out for the chocolate, swap it for the dark kind, it’s full of antioxidants, fewer calories and still satisfies the craving.

  • Think before you drink

Instead of saying to yourself that you are going to detox, cut out all fizzy drinks or stop drinking coffee, just tell yourself that each time you are going to drink, you will think. If you really crave a fizzy drink, try opting for a diet coke instead of a full-fat one. One a week really isn’t going to hurt you and if it stops you from a sugar binge, it really isn’t going to hurt you.

When it comes to coffee, if you want to cut down, try treating yourself to just one luxury coffee a day. That way you will really look forward to it savour the smell, taste and moment much more.  Try a new flavour or brand and set aside some time to allow yourself to really enjoy the moment.

Most importantly, try and drink more water. Easier said than done right? Why not try flavouring the water with fresh fruits, it infuses the water with flavour and you even get all of the vitamins and minerals from the fruit – win-win!

  • Ditch the diet

Strict diets with limited calories and tight eating regimes are not achievable long term, they are where the term yo-yo dieting comes from: people that go from diet to diet and never actually stick to anything. The main reason for this type of failure is that we set ourselves up with unachievable goals – 600 calories a day, cutting out complete food groups or only eating between certain hours of the day, are just to name a few.

This year, why not take a different approach. Why not just listen to your body? If you are hungry, eat, if you are not, then don’t. Eat wholesome foods that are filled with nutrients and make you feel good. The best mind-set you can have is not to worry about calories – it’s to aim for no processed foods and to have healthy foods that make you happy. Before you know it you will begin to notice the weight fall off, your skin will glow, your smile will widen and you’ll feel amazing!

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