Simple Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Simple Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

On Wednesday, it will be our 11th wedding anniversary and let me tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to choose gifts for the Husband!  Some occasions you just hit the ball out of the park and get every present totally spot on and then sometimes you sit frantically googling at 2am panicking that you haven’t got a good enough gift.

I always try to buy an experience or do an activity rather than a gift but failing that something shiny and car related always goes down well!

For some reason, a lot of us struggle when it is time to buy the men in our life a present. Often, your mind just goes blank and all you can think of buying a gift voucher. They usually make a welcome gift, but giving them year after year just does not feel right.

If you are stuck for ideas, just read on. You are sure to come across something that you like. Or, better still find that the suggestions below trigger an idea in your mind so that you come up with a list of even better ideas.

Clothing gifts

Provided you know the person you are buying for well, clothes make excellent gifts. Even small items like underwear, socks, slippers and t-shirts make great presents.

For students, older friends and family, items like coats or shoes are an especially good idea. These items tend to be expensive, so someone living on a budget can really struggle to find the cash to buy them. Often, they will be really grateful to receive them as presents. Just be sure to ask for a gift receipt. That way if necessary they can be taken back and exchanged for something more suitable.

Personalised gifts

It is always nice to receive something that you know has been carefully chosen with you in mind. The more unique they are the better. That is why items like engraved mobile phone covers, printed t-shirts and prints of favourite photos make such great presents. These days, buying truly personalised items is really easy. Usually, all you need to do is to go online choose the item you want personalised, type in your message or upload the appropriate image and pay. From there everything is taken care of by the retailer.

Experience gifts

For adventurous men experience gifts are a particularly good idea. There are hundreds of different types to choose from. Everything from sports-related activities to the chance to attend cooking classes or go behind the scenes at a factory is available.

Hobby-related gift

If the person you are buying for has a hobby, a gift that is related to it is an excellent idea. It can be something practical like a new hammer for a DIY fan. But, something whimsical like a mug with a funny fishing related message for a fisherman can work just as well.

Sports and entertainment gifts

Most men follow or participate in, at least one sport. You could buy them a piece of kit, tickets to an event or an item of clothing that features their favourite sports team. The list of sports-related gift ideas that are suitable for is practically endless.

The same is true of entertainment gifts. Tickets to a show, film or similar event can be great presents. Or, if you prefer you can buy them a piece of memorabilia that is related to their favourite show.

Hopefully, the above has got the ideas flowing. If it has not, and you would like more inspiration, just click the link to be taken to a page which offers several hundred men´s gift suggestions.

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