NYX Lid Lingerie – Evening Spell

NYX Lid Lingerie Evening Spell

NYX can do no wrong at the minute with smash product after product. Leading on from the runaway success of their Lip Lingerie glosses, they have rolled out with Lid Lingerie (£6).

Being the lazy mare that I am, the promise of highly pigmented and easy to blend quick eye shadow looks drew me in.

I chose the NYX Lid Lingerie in Evening Spell, a burnt burgundy metallic. Just a single smear across the lash line and a gentle buffing gives me an effortless smokey eye. Veering away from the typical blacks and browns for smokey eyes, the metallic hue of evening spell makes my blue eyes pop.

NYX Lid Lingerie Evening Spell

Long lasting and cooling during application I had next to no creasing throughout my day and it wears incredibly well for 10+ hours. I picked up a lighter shade at the same time but I just keep getting drawn back to this grungy shade.

You can use it as a liner with a fine brush or apply lightly with a brush instead of the doe foot applicator. Me? I go in with both feet and just lash it on! I like to add one layer and buff it right out before reapplying along my lash line to make the colour more intense.

NYX Lid Lingerie Evening Spell

The NYX Lid Lingerie’s are perfect for when you don’t have the time or energy to whip out your best palettes and 20 blending brushes to do a cut crease or something with 3 shades and a transition colour. You know what I mean?

Do excuse the eye photo here, I was in the middle of my horrific eye brow disaster recovery that I promise to blog about real soon!

For £6 and a selection of 12 colours, I don’t think you can go wrong. It’s a great way to touch up your make up on the go for impromptu nights out or to cut down your travel make up bag. All you need is the NYX Lid Lingerie and a blending brush!

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