The Green, Washington Village

The Green Washington Village

Tucked away in Washington Village is The Green. A cute and curious combination of tearoom, florist, gift shop and wait for it – a wood fired pizza place. Having lived in Washington for 5yr we often neglected the cute little gem that is Washington Village.

Every time I have tried to visit The Green I haven’t been able to get parked anywhere so when we saw an empty space, it was a sign that it was meant to be!

If you looked up the word cute in the dictionary, there’s probably a picture of The Green.  Quaint bistro seats outside for coffees in the sun, shabby chic furniture and a warm welcome wait for you inside. Space is limited but it’s well worth the visit.

The Green Washington Village

Tea comes served loose leaf with the dinky little mismatched fine china and antique leaf strainers. The cakes are all mouth watering and complimented by a small but standard savoury menu with sandwiches and light bites.

The Green Washington Village

The Green Washington Village

Hidden in the back garden of this converted grand building, you’ll find the wood fired clay pizza oven. Regular monthly pizza evenings from Woodstock Pizza with quirkily named pizza goodness, The Green have cornered a market here in Washington Village. On a weekend lunch time a smaller limited menu is available but be warned, the dough is limited in quantity so once it has gone that’s it.

The Green Washington Village

We settled in the summer house out back with pots of tea and an empty belly ready for the infamous pizza from The Green. Light on the cheese, the tomato based was sweet and herby with a light touch of cheese and a sprinkling of meat topping. For £5 I think it was a pretty good lunch time bite to eat. Not too filling, but just enough to hit the spot. I’d have preferred more cheese but you get what’s left and that’s the way it works!

The Green Washington Village

We heard rumblings of a rumour that the pizza side of the business is moving in to a new dedicated premises across the road but whether that is true or not – watch this space!

Parking can be a pain in the bum, especially if there’s something on at the Church – bear that in mind!

Now that I have finally made it to The Green, I just want more of that delicious pizza and cute chintzy china cups!

*Image 1 from The Green Facebook page HERE


  1. Lindsay
    28th May 2017 / 2:29 pm

    This post is giving me life; I need to find this place and go!

    • Katie
      30th May 2017 / 2:09 pm

      You’ll love it!

  2. 29th May 2017 / 6:42 pm

    Cute find! I always get lost in Washington and end up driving round in circles!

    • Katie
      30th May 2017 / 2:08 pm

      At least there’s so many roundabouts for when you’re lost. It was worse before the district’s all had names!

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