Starbucks Gold Glitter Cold Cup

Starbucks Holiday Drinkware 2016

A lot of people around this time of year promise themselves to drink more water, right? Being hydrated can relieve headaches, hunger pangs

It is easier said than done though. On a daily basis while you are out and about, you might not have access to water or get sick of lugging an ugly old bottle round.

Well Starbucks Gold Glitter Cold Cup is for you!

On my desk I have a huge 1 pint ‘sippy cup’ as I get thirsty easily and my office is like a sauna so I find it quite easy to drink plenty of water I do get sick of seeing my fugly old plain glass sippy cup just sitting on my desk though. It doesn’t really grab my attention so when I got the Starbucks Gold Glitter Cold Cup for Christmas, it was the first thing to be put on my desk.

It’s not too large and therefor not too heavy and it is the perfect size for carrying around as it fits in to cup holders in the car or it just looks super cute sitting on your desk! I’m not a Starbucks fan girl but it sure is a pretty cup. The straw is grey, the lid is peachy pink and the glitter is gold – lush!

Starbucks Gold Glitter Cold Cup

If you are back to work today, you’ll know what I mean when I say you need any small thing to brighten up your day!

I have bought many cheap cold cups over the years and the quality is just crap, from weird tasting plastic to non existent rubber seals so I am definitely a convert to a more robust cup. You don’t want your water or juice to leak all over.

The Starbucks Glitter Cold Cup (£12.50) was part of the 2016 holiday drinkware collection but I do believe Starbucks stores still have this in stock.


  1. 6th January 2017 / 8:42 am

    That’s a really lovely cup and as someone who needs to be drinking more water each day I think I might just have to see if I can hunt one of these down….would certainly brighten up my office.

    • Katie
      8th January 2017 / 5:40 pm

      TK Maxx always has loads of cute and unusual cups like this, I need to stop calling them sippy cups as it makes me think of babies cups!

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