Foreo Luna Play 2 Review

Foreo Luna Play 2 Review

How can something that looks like it belongs in Ann Summers be good for our skin, I can hear you asking. Read on and find out why the Foreo Luna Play 2 should be your next purchase.

I have a bit of confession to make – I opened all the doors of my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar on November 30th! It was all in the name of good photos, but it has meant I have been using this little gadget for over a month now. And I am impressed.

Foreo Luna Play 2 Review

Foreo Luna Play 2 (£29) is a disposable cleansing aid which employs T-sonic vibrations to remove dead skin and unclog pores from all that daily gunk. T-sonic is Transdermal Sonic and vibrates and a whopping 8,000 times a minute to loosen everything up.

A lot more gentle on your skin than the traditional cleansing brushes, the dual zone design fits lightly in the fingertips which means you can’t ravage your skin with a heavy hand. The super soft delicate silicone nodules come in 2 sizes, the smaller for more sensitive areas while the larger nodes tackle the T-zone.

The silicone has been proven to be 35 times more hygenic than a standard cleansing brush and thanks to it’s limited lifespan, there’s only a certain amount of nasties that could ever loiter, if any.

Now the bone of contention. It is disposable. 100 metered uses in the internal non-rechargeable battery. With a recommended twice daily routine of 1 minute per session, it does make the £29 seem a little on the pricey side. You can buy a fully rechargeable version, if it tickles your fancy though.

Foreo Luna Play 2 Review

For me personally, I feel like it had added a little pep in my step in my daily beauty regime. I use it first thing in the morning to perk up my skin with gentle massage and get rid of any dead skin so my make up sits well. There hasn’t been the need to use it twice a day, and to be honest, I’m trying to make the battery last as long as possible. The gentle exfoliation has made my complexion a little brighter.

I am getting the best results when using it with quite a thick and creamy cleanser as I think that feels the most luxurious on my skin. I have tried the Foreo Luna Play 2 with a melting gel cleanser to remove my make up, just to see what it was like and it did feel quite nice but it didn’t replace the clean feeling of using your fingers  with the product underneath.

A great gift and an even better treat to yourself. It’s a great addition to a travel bag to help keep your skincare routine on top form while travelling without your full skincare regime.

Come on admit it now, who else thought it looked like something rude?

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