Sephora Collection Sheet Masks

Sephora Collection Sheet Masks

As I sit here on a Sunday evening wearing one of my favourite face masks, I suddenly realised I’d never shared these with you lovely lot and as Sephora Sheet Masks are a hot topic right now, it seemed the perfect time!

I have tried a lot of sheet masks, from high end to budget and everything in the middle but I keep returning to these really affordable beauties from Sephora.

Sheet masks are such a convenient and easy to use product, there’s literally a perfect mask for everyone, regardless of your skin type and concern. Perfect for travel, there is little to no mess and fit neatly in the smallest hand luggage or suitcase. I may have once sat in the back of a taxi once with the eye mask on after a particularly heavy night. Not the most beneficial skincare but so soothing at 3am, trust me!

Sephora Lotus Mask Sheet Mask

My favourite mask is the Lotus Mask for soothing + moisturising. I go through tonnes of these in the summer and on holiday as they are the perfect pick for parched, tight skin from the sun or to settle irritated skin from flights. After long flights this is usually the first thing I stick on when I get to my hotel while I unpack. It injects a big dose of moisture to your skin without being overpowering or too heavy. When you remove it, your skin doesn’t feel bogged down by moisturiser which can sometimes be the case when you compensate your dryness with too rich of a cream.

Sephora Avocado Face Mask Sheet Mask

The Avocado mask is nourishing + repairing, making it a great one to apply after a heavy weekend or a super busy week. You know when you can look in the mirror and can tell you’ve been burning that candle at both ends? Yep, we’ve all been there. Winter months with heating and partying and freezing cold wind can batter your face without you realising so this is a great product to treat your skin with. Kind on sensitive skin, you’ll look fresher and brighter.

Sephora Green Tea Eye Mask Sheet Mask

The Green Tea Eye Mask to relax + refresh is an absolute god send for travel, late nights and for those of us who spend 12hrs a day working on a computer. Cool and soothing on the skin, you’ll feel more alert and pepped up just from popping these on. Perfect for popping on while you are transitioning that office look in to a party look for the office bash. Smoothed and soothed eyes, here you come!

Sephora Shea Lip Mask Sheet Mask

The Shea Lip Mask protects + repairs dry, damaged and chapped lips in 15 minutes. From lips that have had the moisture sucked out of them on the plane, to chapped lips calling out for a matte lip, this mask will have you plumped and pouty in no time. Bit of a princess product in the grand scheme of things but if you have 15 minutes to spare, give it a shot as it really does make you feel fully pampered as part of your routine.

As each of the masks are ‘wet’ they stay quite cold when you apply them which is great in the warmer months but still feels soothing in the winter. I rub the sachet in my hands for a moment before I apply to take the edge off.

As Sephora is available across America, Europe and soon to be in the UK as well as online, it is even easier to pick them up. I always send friends away on holiday with a shopping list with these 4 masks on and I stuff my suitcase full of as many as I can when I travel!

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