The perfect Parka from Simply Be

Simply Be Value Parka Review

With England being battered by Storm Angus and snow up here in the wilds of County Durham, everyone is thinking about their winter coats.

I was eager to snap up a new parka this year but had been struggling to find the perfect one that isn’t too heavy for Autumn but will keep me warm in Winter.

In previous years, when the weather turned super nasty, I relied on my khaki parka that I bought specifically for a snowy trip to New York.

Big Green as I call it is knee length and is as insulated as wrapping yourself in 4 duvets. Warm, yes. Practical…. not really.

Simply Be Value Parka Review

The first sign of snow in Central Park, New York at Christmas


I run warm most of the time and I feel laden down by such a big winter coat so I was on the hunt for a happy medium that will see me from Autumn through Winter.

The Value Parka (£50) has won the battle. Sitting comfortably on my hips, the drill fabric parka is very lightly padded and not too bulky so it keeps you toasty and warm outside but is light enough to carry when you head indoors. Bonus. It also makes me feel like Kenny from South Park (90s reference there!)

Simply Be Value Parka Review

The oversized hood has a detachable faux fur surround meaning you can change up your look quickly. I have even bought some different coloured fur ready to swap it out when I feel like it!

The hood doesn’t have toggles to keep it situated at your hairline but there’s something comical about trying to see from under your new furry fringe! With a drawstring at the waist, you can cinch it in for a more tailored look or leave it loose for that casual laid back look.

Simply Be Value Parka Review

If like me you are looking for a light weight but suitable winter coat, this is a definite top pick. For £50, it sits pretty well in the middle of the price range for plus size parkas but the quality is cracking.

I personally used Quidco and then a 20% discount code which brought the coat down to a budget friendly £40.



  1. 23rd November 2016 / 9:45 am

    Looks really warm. Shame I’ve just bought myself a new coat this week or I may have been tempted 🙂 Deb x

    • Katie
      23rd November 2016 / 12:18 pm

      There’s always room for more cosiness 😉

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