Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea – The Vermont Hotel, Newcastle

Gentlemans Afternoon Tea The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

As it is officially Afternoon Tea Week, I thought I’d share with you a new twist on the standard offering from The Vermont Hotel. The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea (£19.95) focuses more on the savoury side of the event and as I don’t have a sweet tooth, let me tell you, I bloody loved it.

Sitting at the same price point as the traditional Afternoon Tea at The Vermont, you get a much more for your hard earned cash with the “male” version.

Taking a table in the quiet hotel lobby (Redwood bar, lobby + restaurant seating is available), we chatted over our pots of tea, ready for the main event.

Gentlemans Afternoon Tea The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea contains a Vermont signature burger, served up with hot crispy, salty fries, a seasoned scotch egg, a fresh pork pie and a wedge of cheese. The savoury side is served with 2 home made relishes too. A trio of cakes pleases even the smallest of sweet tooth and to round the whole thing off, the Afternoon Tea is served with a pint of ale!

The savoury side was perfectly executed and the flavours were well thought out. Nothing was overpowering and nothing lingered to spoil the taste of the trio of sweet treats.

Gentlemans Afternoon Tea The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

For all you ladies out there who can’t rope their fellas in to taking Afternoon Tea with them, you need to show them this. It’s mouth watering and it was absolutely delicious.

I took my Mam along to sample the delights with me and we shared a normal Tea and the Gentleman’s  between us and we both left stuffed. The regular looked quite feeble by comparison to the Gentlemans and it certainly got a whole lot of admiring glances as it was wheeled to our table.

Gentlemans Afternoon Tea The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

As I am not an ale drinker, I was able to substitute for another drink and a pot of Earl Grey.

I am not going to say that this Afternoon Tea is only for blokes out there, it’s not. It’s a really good selection of small bites and gives excellent value for money when you consider a pint alone would be £4 and then a full size burger nearer to £10.

I taunted Paul with the pictures of what he missed out on so needless to say, we’ll be back very soon!

Both the traditional, Gentleman’s and Champagne Afternoon Tea can taken daily between 1pm – 5pm 

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