KIKO Creamy Colour Comfort Liner 301 Nude – Charlotte Tilbury Dupe

KIKO Comfort Liner 301 Nude

I don’t know about you but I can easily spend £30 on a lipstick without batting an eyelid but spend more than a fiver on a lip liner and I am putting my foot down and refusing to spend that much.

Does that sound familiar?  Fear not, I have found the perfect nude lip liner and it is a seriously good dupe for the infamous Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury

I think every blogger, vlogger and their dog has raved about Pillow Talk but you know what, I just wasn’t feeling it enough to pay £16 so can you imagine how happy I was that I found my perfect nude liner at KIKO AND it was a Pillow Talk dead ringer for far less than half the price?

KIKO Comfort Liner 301 Nude

The Creamy Colour Comfort Liner in 301 Nude is one of those great shades for everyone and most importantly, it is only £5.90. A super long lasting, creamy and comfortable lip liner for a fiver. WINNER.

KIKO Comfort Liner 301 Nude

Once this liner is on, it is just not budging all day long which I absolutely love. It means you can limit how many lipstick top ups you need during the day. I have been wearing the liner just on its own with a slick of balm for days in the office and then topping it up with either a Revlon Ultra Matte HD in Seduction or Bitch Perfect from Charlotte Tilbury.

KIKO Comfort Liner 301 Nude

A great alternative if you are on a budget or just a bit frugal with the old lip liners like me. I have been back and bought several back ups of this as I can’t get enough!!

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