Zapatista Burrito Bar, Newcastle

Zapatista Burrito Bar, Newcastle

I don’t really know why I haven’t posted about my love for Zapatista before. Probably a combination of it not lasting long enough to take a pretty photo of, and once it’s all wrapped up, it’s not the most photogenic of foods anyway.

With 2 restaurants in Newcastle and a mobile venture, Zapatista burst on to the dining scene a few years ago and filled a burrito shaped hole in all our lives that we quite frankly didn’t know we had.

Zapatista Burrito Bar

Made fresh in front of your eyes from a relatively small compact menu, you can tweak your selections over time to cultivate your perfect burrito…. or nachos, or fajita or tacos….. or salad…. or chilli.

Zapatista Burrito Bar 2

I myself am a chilli beef burrito with spicy beans, chipotle salsa and extra guac kinda gal and I think I enjoy sending a taunting picture to Paul more than I enjoy the food – maybe!

Zapatista Burrito Bar 4

Every month without fail, my office clubs together and zips over an order to collect all the way from Gateshead. Every month without fail we cock this up despite their super handy order form but the lovely team at Ridley Place look after us. They are tip top with their social media outputs and embrace Twitter and Facebook well, there’s always a competition on the go or even an eating challenge.

Zapatista Burrito Bar 3

With both Ridley Place and Grainger Street offering plenty of seating to sit in and with an alcohol licence, you won’t find a cooler place to stop for a mid shopping snack, post work bite or a pay day treat.

So there you have it. I don’t need to give you the hard sell on Zaps. It is awesome. Simply put. Try it or forever have that burrito shaped hole in your life.

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