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Fleur de Force Lashes Eyelure Fleur loves 1

Other than the Real Techniques brushes, this is the first blogger / vlogger tie in product I have bought. Not because I’m a fan jumping on the bandwagon but because I think these lashes are something special.

The Fleur Loves lashes from Eyelure see the start of a small collection from beauty vlogger Fleur de Force.

I absolutely love 3/4 length lashes as I think they give me the most realistic dramatic lash looks – if that is even possible. Even when applying mascara to my own lashes I far prefer to apply more to the outer edge to elongate my eyes and draw the lashes up.

When Boots seemingly stopped selling my all time ultra favourite 3/4 lashes, I was at a loss on the high street for some that tickled my fancy until I saw these.

Despite having only very recently launched, I have worn them a few times now and the ultra thin band is so comfortable to wear, you forget you are wearing lashes.

Fleur de Force Lashes Eyelure Fleur loves

Because of the thin band, they are very discrete and natural looking while still bringing some glamour to your look all at the same time.

The other thing I like about Eyelure lashes is that they come on sticky dots rather than glued on to a curved piece of plastic. I don’t know about you but I always manage to rip chunks off them when peeling them off!

The Fleur Loves lashes from Eyelure are available now and cost £5.25

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