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There’s a new social dining concept landing in the North East and you know what? I think it’s pretty spiffy

As a blogger or person in business, have you ever been to an event that is just painful? No one talking, cliques forming and worst off, occasionally being made to pay £££ for the ‘privilege’. Yep, I know I certainly have.

The first Supper Social event was held at the beginning of August at The Staiths Cafe which provided a casual and informal setting for the launch. With stunning sunset views over the Tyne and the Staiths themselves, a merry band of Bloggers, PR professionals and business women gathered for hours of chat and delicious food.

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There are several supper clubs on the doors at the minute but I have always been put off by the entrance fee, set menus or cost. It can add up when there’s two of you. Supper Social aims to challenge that dynamic and allow you to turn up and interact with new people at a pace and cost you are comfortable with. If you want a coffee, fine, if you want a 3 course meal, fine. You just order and pay.

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I left the evening with a great appreciation of the people I had met, their work and their industries. At no point did anyone feel pushed to ‘”sell”themselves like you sometimes do at blogger or networking events. It felt like hours spent with good friends rather than complete strangers. As the venues and attendees will no doubt change per event, you will always get to try somewhere new and meet new faces. In an online digital world, it means a lot to meet people in person!

The next event is 2nd September at The Staiths Cafe.

You can follow Supper Social on twitter at @SupperSocial

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